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Magamila is the name of a farmland situated in the center of Sicily in the province of Enna. For years it has been cultivated with wheat and barely. In 2004 huge engineering works have been done in order to irrigate the plants and start the cultivation of olives and almonds trees.

The land is crossed by a small river. During the winter, in specific days (when the river is more clear) the water from the surface of the torrent is diverted into a pipe which brings it into a lake (by gravity). The construction of a dam facilitated the increase in the height level of the water, moreover making it more clear.

From the lake the water is pumped artificially to a big pool up hill situated at the highest point of the land.

During the dry season, when the temperature rises, the plants get their water from an irrigation system, diverted from the pool, which waters every single tree by gravity.

This excellent engineering architecture made possible the growth of beautiful olives. Now that more years have passed since the system was adopted the cultivation is enough to give olive oil not only to the family but also to buyers.

The plants are free from any chemicals because our policy is to respect and represent an organic environment.

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1 Comment on Magamila

Alessandro Di Tullio
Report Subscribe 09/01/2014 12:31

Ottimo. L'olio Magamila mi riporta alla mia terra ogni volta che lo assaporo.