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Sports Club in London

Sports Club in the United Kingdom

Are you missing football? How many times have you been able to play since you were in London? Born in Italy, Fubles is now also organising football matches in London. The idea is that Fubles organises the game and you only think about playing. Visit our site or download the app for iPhone or Android and come play football together!

Simone Ferretti Personal Fitness Trainer

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Personal Trainer Italiano in Lambeth

Personal Trainer Italiano in London

Advance Personal Fitness Trainer Certification, EREPS-EHFA level 4 . Advance Personal Fitness Trainer Certification I.S.S.A (International Sport Science Association) Rome, Italy; "Nutrition education and Diet Expert certification" – “Lazio Region Authority”, Rome, Italy; "Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor" Professional Diploma (The [...]
SouthBank Club, 124-130 Wandsworth Rd, London SW8 2LD, UK