Websites, Brand Identity, Marketing, Social Media Ads, Apps, Videos: 360 degrees of creative solutions.

The Italian Community was created and implemented by, a creative agency specializing in solutions for Italian businesses in the UK that has been working in London since 2005. Among our clients, we count SMEs and big companies. Contact Idea188 for a no-obligation first consultation and estimate.

Brands, Visuals, Corporate Identity & Graphic Design.

We put passion into what we do.
Whether you need a simple logo, a graphic project or a complete identity study, our dedication will always be the same: total.

Website Creation.

Your website is your virtual shop window. Open 24 hours.
It is important to make it useful and professional: just the way you want your business to appear in the eyes of your potential clients.
For a decade we have been doing design and programming for sites using CMS, eCommerce, HTML5 and Flash animations and plug-ins.

SEO Optimization, Web Content and Google AdWords.

Google is well recognized as the most popular way to find information and products on the web.
Because of this, it is essential to appear among the first listings in the search results.
Good indexing allows your site to be considered by the search engines.
It isn’t enough just to be there: Your site must be found and must be among the first.
Trust the visibility of your site to our specialists.

Social Media Marketing.

Today, social media generates a large part of the traffic on the web.
Do you want to:
Set up a social media page?
Get visitors from Facebook or other social media channels?
Increase your number of followers?
We will help you to multiply likes, followers and visits, carrying traffic without wasting it.

App Development.

Today it is essential to have an app, especially if you are selling products and services online.
We can help you in programming classic apps or exploring the latest generation of technology.

Marketing Research & Business Plans.

Discover if the market you are interested in is the right one for what you are offering.
Our experts are also available to put together marketing presentations and more complex business plans.

Photography and Image Services.

What is better than a beautiful image?
We are available for photography services including still-lifes or action shots, with or without models, in your office or anywhere you like.
We offer professional photo-retouching services to enhance the beauty of your images.

Video Production & Post Production.

From storyboard to shooting and montage.
We’ll take care of all of it.
A video presentation is essential nowadays to introduce your business completely in just a few minutes.
Think about it and let us know how we can help.

Below the line and Gadgets.

That little bit extra, to present your business in the most engaging way.
Brochures, programmes, flyers, catalogues and invitations as well as pens, pen holders, T-shirts, portfolios, etc.
Our goal: create a product that stands apart from the rest.

Packaging Development.

Studies of packages, bottles, boxes and anything tangible or intangible.
Trust us with research on materials and shapes, and we will allow space for our and your imaginations.

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