Margherita Dal Pra

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Yoga course in Haringey

Yoga course in London

I began my yoga journey in 1994, in Italy, and it was as if I had started breathing for the first time and being the person I call “I”. I was hooked! My enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge continued. I started practising daily and soon my health, emotional well-being and whole life underwent a positive transformation. When I moved to London in 1995 I [...]
77 Church Crescent, London, N10 3NE

Dance of Life Studio

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Dance teacher and Personal Trainer in Tower Hamlets

Dance teacher and Personal Trainer in London

We build on natural talent as well as supporting professional dancers. Training and equipping students with the skills to be able to cross over in to musical theatre, television and other related areas. The Academy was founded by Angelo Ruggieri, a recognised choreographer and instructor who has taught and performed across the world. Angelo recognised gaps [...]
9 Sovereign Close, London, E1W 3HW

The BodyMind Factory by Roberta Dessalvi

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Italian Psychologist and Psychotherapist in Whitechapel

Italian Psychologist and Psychotherapist in London

The BodyMind Factory is a new concept providing a holistic approach to health and wellbeing and carefully customised solutions. The therapies provided use psychotherapy, energy psychology, yoga, pilates, breathing and meditation techniques. I draw my knowledge from a broad range of sources. However, the body-mind connection approach to healing is what [...]
12 Sheridan Heights, 1 Spencer Way, London, E1 2PN

Scuola di Thai Yoga Massage

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Thai massage school in Haringey

Thai massage school in London

Shen Mantra offers courses internationally accredited. We specialize in Thai Yoga Massage and Oriental therapies. We offer courses in both English and Italian. We are also accredited by the Italian Federation of Traditional Thai massage, as well as by the Federation of Holistic Therapists and Thai International. Our courses are renowned not only in the UK [...]
N10 1BS, London

Yoga in Italiano

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Yoga lessons in Stoke Newington

Yoga lessons in London

Kundalini Yoga lesson in italian in London. Through the practice of breathing techniques (pranayama), dynamic exercises (asanas) and meditation we will dissolve the tensions due to fatigue and stress that life presents us every day, allowing us to find a sense of peace and well-being. Duration of each lesson one and a half hours.
142A Church Walk, Londra, Regno Unito

Hito Physiotherapy

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Italian physiotherapist in London

Pilates teacher in London

HI there, Here Alessio, your Italian physiotherapist for your chronic pain! I combining the best Physiotherapy with powerful Energy Healing, Advanced Evidence Based Medicine with traditional Eastern Medicine to achieve the best results where anything else failed before. The create 5 Boxes Pain Resolution Formula as solution for your condition as: [...]
114 London Wall, Londra, Regno Unito

Fitness – MindfulFitness – Eating Disorder Connection Body

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Hi! My name is Beatrice and I am a freelancer here in London. I work as a Personal Trainer, but different from the usual concept. I deal with wellness, that is mental re-education in the approach towards movement, the body and the perception of it. I collaborate with psychologists and nutritionists because I also deal with body reconnection during or [...]
Mora Road, Londra NW2 6TB, Regno Unito

Marco Pasolini Health Clinic

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Italian osteopath in Fulham

Italian osteopath in London

We are situated at the heart of Fulham Broadway, just a minute’s walk from the underground station. Our treatment plans and therapies combine traditional and alternative medicine for the best possible outcomes. We can cater to your needs, whether specific physical treatments or simple relaxation, we’ll offer you the highest standard of care in a [...]
39 Harwood Road, Fulham, London, UK

Adult Gymnastics London

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Adult gymnastic classes in Bow

Adult gymnastic classes in London

Adult gymnastics classes and private lessons. Tumbling, Freestyle gymnastics, Tricking and much more.
7 Tidworth Rd, London E3 4XH, Regno Unito