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Psychotherapist registered with two of the UK’s largest professional labs (UKCP and BACP) with over 10 years of professional experience. I receive my clients in London, Canterbury in Kent and also via Skype. I work both individually and with couples (heterosexual and homosexual).

Psychotherapeutic approach
My psychotherapeutic work is integrative / humanistic and influenced by theories of attachment and existential psychotherapy. I consider myself the main objective of exploring with my clients the underlying causes that create anxiety and malaise. I try to develop in my clients a capacity for reflection and analysis in depth of their way of being and of relating to others, values, principles and assumptions that affect their behaviour. This long-term progressive exploration and self-knowledge produces substantial changes in behaviour and the way of seeing one’s life and addressing the problems that life inevitably presents. With the therapy then I help my clients not so much to eliminate problems of life but to face them with greater serenity, clarity and solidity.

My approach to couple psychotherapy is based on Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), a type of short or medium term therapy (usually between 8 and 20 sessions) that has very positive results. The main goal in the sessions is to help the couple focus on the emotions underlying by the conflict, thus develop a greater understanding of the dynamic in the couple’s conflict, then slowly change it positively and recreate an emotional intimacy in the couple, and therefore, improve not only communication but the overall quality of the relationship and the sense of mutual understanding.

I also offer a Relationship Coaching service to customers who are looking for a new relationship or have just started attending a new person and feel that they need a space of reflection and growth to avoid repeating past mistakes and destructive behavior patterns.

Membership in professional meetings
British Association for Counseling and Psychotherapy (BACP); Registration number 593165
UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP); Registration number 09160284
International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT) for Couple Therapy; Life member.

Master of Arts in Psychotherapy, Existential Address, NSPC London / Sheffield University
PhD in DAMS, specialization and thesis in Psychology of Arts, University of Bologna.

Further vocational training
Postgraduate Courses in Emotionally Focused Couple Psychotherapy (Empowered Focused Therapy for Couples: Core Skills Advanced Training & Externship, ICEEFT).

Duration and Costs
The standard sessions of psychotherapy last for 50 minutes, usually with weekly frequency always at the same time and place. The cost of the sessions varies depending on the place, the time of the sessions and the type of therapy. Contact me for more details.

My London studio is in the central area near Fleet Street (Holborn / Chancery Lane). I also get to Kent, Canterbury and Whitstable, and for those who are not able to personally offer a psychotherapy service via Skype or FaceTime.

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4 Comments on Dott.ssa Mila Palma

Report Subscribe 02/04/2018 09:29

Mila saved our relationship, when we thought there was no future left for us, she managed to turn it around completely and now we are happier than ever, already a few months post therapy. She is kind, understanding and excellent at what she does. Couldn’t recommend anything in the world more than sessions with Mila.

Report Subscribe 03/05/2017 11:07

Lavorare con Mila è stato molto utile, mi ha fatto sentire a mio agio sin dalla prima sessione; E' stata la persona giusta al momento giusto. Mi ha dato gli strumenti giusti per tornare sulla mia strada e riprendere il controllo della mia vita dopo un momento in cui mi ero perso. Ora vedo le cose piu' chiaramente e sono in grado di prendere decisioni più consapevoli.

Report Subscribe 22/10/2016 10:14

Quando ho iniziato le sedute con Mila mi ero appena lasciato con la mia ragazza dopo due anni assieme ed ero veramente depresso. Lei mi è stata di grande aiuto nell'elaborare ed alla fine superare la perdita e adesso sto molto meglio grazie al suo supporto professionale

Report Subscribe 15/10/2016 20:11

I highly recommend Mila Palma - she has done wonders for my self confidence and the way I relate to others. I couldn't thank her enough!