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Vorrei is a part British, part Italian, family-run online food retailer, specialising in bringing the culture of great tasting, authentic and healthy Italian food to the UK consumer.

Our products are not packed with preservatives, artificial colours or flavour enhancers, many of them are organic and all of them are sourced directly from small companies and farms across Italy so that we can be sure of their quality. A strong, direct link to the producers means that we can match our quality by great prices.

Many of our producers have organic certification and some 60% of our range is organic. We sell Italian food that is good for our customers, good for the people who grow it and good for the environment.

Our range includes fabulous Gragnano bronze die cut pasta, prize winning extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar, rice and risotto mixes, organic fair-trade Arabic coffee, delicious antipasti, wine jellies and fruit mustards, incredible chocolate coated figs and organic wines and prosecco.

Our website also features a wide selection of products which are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

If you are looking for some easy, tasty recipes and tips on how to prepare our products, be sure to check out the Vorrei Blog accessible through our home page.

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2 Comments on Vorrei – Delicious Italian Food

Alicia Gray
Report Subscribe 08/08/2016 08:01

Let me start off this review by stating that the Italian food selection at Vorrei is pretty darn good. Some of the best I've had online, I ordered pasta, san marzano canned tomatoes, anchovy fillets, truffle honey and 8 year old balsamic as my first try. They were perfect!

Jane Beatrice
Report Subscribe 31/05/2016 06:27

The best Italian food products I've had yet. This online store is so amazing all around. They stock a good range of Italian food, vegan, organic, gluten free with wine etc.