Tiberino, Italian fine foods since 1888

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Tiberino, our family name, appeared firstly in 1888 as the name of a little Italian fine foods shop in the heart of Bari old town.

Today as then our main commitment is offering unique and delightful fine foods to allow anybody to daily enjoy the pleasure of a real Italian meal.

Today our catalogue includes both classical Italian fine foods (such as pasta, tomato sauces, oil and more) and a wide range of Italian gourmet main courses easy to be cooked, 100% natural and good as you can only taste in Italy.

In our dishes pasta, rice, cereals, polenta meet natural ingredients to become original complete Italian meals (including their own seasonings).

So anybody now can taste the real flavor of Bucatini Amatriciana, Linguine Puttanesca, Risotto with zucchini and much more original recipes from Italy.

According with our tradition and philosophy, we daily commit ourselves in ingredients selection, turning them into good & healthy products thank to  a 100% natural dehydrating and handcrafted production process.

Italian fine foods, our range of fine food includes a wide number of Italian fine foods such as: durum wheat semolina pasta, ready to use tomato sauces, olive oil and seasonings, vegetables in olive oil, vegetables creams, marmalades, jams and honey 100% Italian, legumes, cereals, baked products, spices and herbs and much more.

Italian ready meals, our range includes Italian durum wheat semolina pasta, Italian Carnaroli rice, Italian cous-cous, polenta, cereals that we melt with highest quality dried ingredients to get the best taste ever. Our dishes are 100% Italian, they can be easily cooked in few minutes just adding the exact quantity of water as stated on the back label and some oil or butter. Our Italian main courses are greatly appreciated by consumers that can easily enjoy an original Italian meal in 2 servings packaging without need of any particular skill or further ingredients. At the same time the bulk packaging allows professionals and food service operators to get advantage of a perfect basis for their personal creations of Italian or international main courses.

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