The Manual Medicine

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The manual medicine is a therapy that emphasizes the manipulation of the body’s tissues. It is based on a thorough anatomic palpation and manual techniques to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of body dysfunctions or disorders or injuries.

The osteopathy is one of the most well-known types of alternative medicine based on a holistic understanding of the body as a single integrated entity capable of self-healing where structure and function are reciprocally interrelated.

Diagnosis is carried out using a comprehensive history, detailed physical examination, appropriate radiologic studies, as well as specific manual dexterity skills to deeply palpate and evaluate body’s tissues and their qualities.

The treatment consist on performing different manual techniques such as joint manipulation, soft tissue mobilization or myofascial release while integrating different body systems. The purpose of the treatment is the removing of one or more dysfunctions, barriers or restrictions of mobility which have first lead the body to a discomfort and over time to a disorder.

The ultimate aim of the treatment is that of restoring as much mobility as possible and thereby regain comfort and balance within the body as well as preventing the adjacents structures being involved from the dysfunction at an early stage.

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