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Our company Sikelias Trade Ltd based in London was created with the aim to commercialise typical products of Eastern Sicily, mainly from neighbouring countries to the volcano Etna, which gives the area special characteristics giving rise to the production of special and high-quality-flavoured wines and foods.

After long and careful research in this area, we are pleased to represent a group of companies that stand out for the genuineness and old traditions in the processing of raw materials.

The products we offer to the UK market are:

  • Wine Etna D.O.C. in its Rosso made from very fine vines,  Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio, White and Rosé produced from vines of Carricante and Cataratto bianco. The vineyards of Etna grow on a volcanic-origin-sandy soil, rich in texture. They draw from this particular territory their peculiarities given from the nourishment of the earth, from generally high altitude with considerable daily temperature ranging, from a favourable micro-climate that even varies according to the sun exposure (the DOC included is in a band that runs from the North to the south from the East, then in the shape of an inverted C);
  • Prosciutto crudo del Suino Nero dei Nebrodi D.O.P.;
  • Salame Sant’Angelo, Salsiccia Santangiolese (soft salami), Lardo, Capicollo, Pancetta;
  • Honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis, from a nomadic bee-keeping type of Nebrodi: 85,587.372 hectares North East of Sicily of pristine nature, offering an exceptional and unique variety of plants and trees;
  • Cheese in particular the historic Sicilian specialty cheese formed by Provola dei Nebrodi, Ricotta salata and Maiorchino cheese, historic Sicilian cheese also;
  • Extra virgin organic olive oil.

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