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Protecting your software application’s codebases from known vulnerabilities is essential for GDPR, NIST and ISO27001 compliance regarding data protection, privacy, and software vulnerability management. In modern software development only a small part of the code is crafted by developers. Typically roughly 80% of the total application codebase is made up of third-party open-source components. This is an attack surface that is exploited ever more quickly frequently by hackers because they can repeat the same exploit several times with automation. Don’t get caught in a cyber hack that you can easily prevent. Setup proactive cybersecurity defense as part of your normal development workflow. Meterian can show you how. Meterian analyses software projects’ open-source software supply chain to help companies with software development teams innovate quickly and securely. Given a codebase, we identify all open-source components and make sure that none of them are vulnerable, out-of-date, or using a non-business-friendly license. We provide a complete bill of materials of the software application’s codebase, and we provide auto-remediation on some platforms. Meterian’s analysis takes minutes to run and no additional staff is required if you have software developers in your team. Appreciated by enterprise software developers from tech teams in medium-sized companies to Big10 consulting firms, it’s so easy that it saves them time and gives instant mitigation advice to protect their apps and businesses from known vulnerabilities. We focus on the security of your fundamental software components, so your developers can focus on innovating for the business. Meterian can be used directly from the command line by developers or can be easily included in any Continuous Integration system for timely reporting of vulnerable, out-of-date or non-compliant open-source libraries. Check out some sample analysis reports on our website
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  • Security and compliance of open-source components in the software development cycle

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