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LdnCity.com provides up-to-date English capital information, tips on what to see for tourism, or how to go to work here for work or study.

Working in London

For all those who want to experience an exciting and different work experience that can be found in Italy, the LdnCity.com work section is the ideal guide, as there is real information and advice on how to find a job or how to start a business.  There is also information about our own business activity (we have opened a LTD company in London and we can tell you exactly how to do it).

Study English or attend the University in London

For those who want to come to London to improve their English, or for whom the language already is familiar and want to attend the university, the LdnCity.com study section offers the best advice and guidance to perfect their study path.

Visit London for Tourism

Did you know that London has the world’s highest number of tourists? Apart from Italy and Europe (getting to London is easy and cheap with cheap flights), the British capital is visited by people from all over the world. London attractions are many, from towers and historic buildings (such as the Tower of London or Buckingham Palace) to the London shopping streets – without forgetting the museums and the markets, there is really something for everyone.

Eating in London

Although English cuisine is not as famous as the Italian one, London has a mix of cultures that has led to the proliferation of a variety of restaurants of all kinds and cuisine, from Chinese to Japanese, from Mexican to French and of course also all Italian (pizza included). The London eating section gives you information and advice on how to choose the ideal locale for your palate (even if you want to spend a little).

Sleeping in London

From the point of view of accommodation, the British capital offers a great deal between hotels and apartments, studios, two-room apartments, shared homes, hostels, bed and breakfasts, family accommodations, etc. There is really every taste for each pocket and you will see it in the LdnCity.com sleeping area in London where there are helpful tips on the safest places to stay and how to choose the most suitable accommodation for your needs.

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