Arancina – Pembridge Road

19 Pembridge Road, London, W11 3HG Categorie: ALIMENTARE, Delicatessen Alimentari, Forno Pasticceria, Pizza al Taglio, Pizzeria, Prodotti Tipici, Ristorante, Tavola Calda Ristorante italiano a Kensington and Chelsea Ristorante italiano a Londra
Ristorante, Caffetteria Bar, Pizzeria, Pizza al taglio, Tavola calda a Londra.

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1 Comment on Arancina – Pembridge Road

Report Subscribe 27/01/2015 10:44

I found this little gem many years ago during the Notting Hill Carnival - been a loyal customer since then. I always went to the one in Westbourne Grove, a lovely place full of characters. The place is quite small but really cosy inside, I brought my friends and they love it and we keep going over and over. The pizza is sicilian style, nice and crisp dough and deep flavours in their ingredients. My weapon of choice is the Pizza Popolare, absolutely delicious! All the pizzas are amazing but what I love the most is the atmosphere inside: it does actually feel like you are at home...the staff is really friendly, I actually became a friend with one of them! And even the customers are usually cool and fun, lots of italians but many many english as well. The service is spot on and everytime I say "Ciao!" after my diner I can't wait to come back....If you are a fan of a good traditional pizza and you never been there it should definitely be your priority to get yourself a paletta at Arancina!