Sicilian wine: what are the best Sicilian wines 2018?

Sicilian wine: what are the best Sicilian wines 2018?
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Sicilian wine: the best 6 Sicilian wines

Have you planned a trip to Sicily? If the answer is negative, well, maybe you should.

Sicily is not only famous for Arancini, Cassata and for the astonishing seaside, which seems the perfect  holiday not to forget. Sicily, with its architectural gems, its ancient traditions and the warm welcome of its inhabitants, never stops to amaze.  And don’t forget: Sicilian wine is great.

Some ancient archeological findings testify that Sicily was one of the first Italian regions to practice the art of enology. Sicily’s oenological history dates from the time when the island was part of Magna Graecia.

During the 20th Century, Sicilian wine has been exported and used as an addition to Northern Italy wines. In the last 20 years the wine culture has changed a lot: the quantity and the quality of the Sicilian wines has increased, and Sicilian producers has won many prizes. The scenario has rapidly mutated and now Sicily is one of the most important wine producers of Italy.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to discover the best Sicilian wines 2018.

Here there is a list of the best 6 Sicilian wines.


sicilian wine
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Marsala is a fortified wine (alcohol content of around twenty percent) mostly made in the city of Marsala, from which it derives its name. It is also made in the province of Trapani (with the exclusion of Pantelleria, Favignana and Alcamo).

According to tradition, the first to produce Marsala was the English dealer John Woodhouse, who first arrived in the Marsala port in 1773. He liked the local wine so much that he decided to import it to the UK. The success was so unexpected that then he started his own production of Marsala in Sicily.

Considered without doubt one of the best Sicilian wines, there are two different types of Marsala, depending on the aging of the product:

  • Marsala vergine: it’s also called “Marsala soleras”, and it’s aged 5 years.
  • Marsala vergine riserva: also called “Marsala soleras riserva”, it is aged at least 10 years.


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Zibibbo wine

The word Zibibbo comes from the Arab “zabib”, which literally means raisin. Zibibbo indicates both the vineyard and the white wine which is obtained from the vine.

Zibibbo wine is straw-yellow with golden reflections, sweet and with a high degree of alcohol with a characteristic aroma. In addition to its own consumption it is also used for the production of Pantelleria DOC wine, in the Passito version, Moscato, sparkling wine, of Pantelleria Zibibbo dolce and of the late-harvesting Erice wine Zibibbo. It goes well with cheeses and dry pastries.


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Passito di Pantelleria

In the list of Sicily sweet wines, you will find Passito. Passito di Pantelleria is a DOC wine made in the Pantelleria island, in the province of Trapani. The colour is golden yellow tending to amber. The flavor is sweet, aromatic and pleasant.

The ideal combination is with sweets, better if dried. It is also great with blue cheeses.


Nero d’Avola

Exported all over the world, this full-bodied Sicilian red wine derives from one of the oldest indigenous of Sicily. Due to its success, many wineries have started producing Nero d’Avola. There are lots of different styles, from soft, juicy and immediate to dense and dry.

The origins of Nero d’Avola are the territories between Ragusa and Syracuse, in the Southeast of the Island. Since the past, it has become a Sicilian symbol, as well as one of the most loved wines in Italy.


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Malvasia delle Lipari

malvasiaMalvasia delle Lipari is a DOC wine, made in the Aeolian Islands and in the province of Messina. The Lipari from which the DOC is named after is the largest of the eight Aeolian Islands, and the most viticulturally productive.

This Sicilian wine wine dates back to the time of classical antiquity,  as its southern counterpart Moscato di Pantelleria, Sicily’s other white ‘volcano’ wine.

Malvasia delle Lipari wines vary in their degrees of residual sugar(sweetness). The lighter, drier wines are intended for consumption with main courses, or even as an aperitif.



Novello, Italian for ‘young wine’, is a light, fruity, red wine. Novello wine is not only a “new wine” that is produced after the annual harvest. It is, in fact, the result of a particular type of vinification. This method began in France in the ’30s.

Vino Novello is lightweight with low alcohol content (usually not more than 11%) and a light aroma.

Novello is now protected and promoted by the Italian Institute of Novello, that was established in 2000. The Sicilian wine was compared to the Beaujolais, its French ancestor.


wine from Sicily
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