Sicilian Food: 10 Sicilian dishes you should try

Sicilian Food: 10 Sicilian dishes you should try
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Sicilian food: 10 dishes we suggest you to try

A trip to Sicily is what you want if you like wild natural landscapes, hystorical villages and sandy beaches. That’s  not all: Sicily in fact is also home to a great cuisine tradition. Sicilian food is a pleasant discovery for all the tourists and food lovers who visit this sunny, Mediterranean island for the first time.

Sicilian food is a mixture of flavours, due to the many conquerors who ruled this land in the past centuries. The Arabs, the Normans and the Spanish forged the history of this island located between the two continents of Europe and Africa. As well as this reigns influenced the Sicilian culture, they also had a role in defining the taste of Sicilian food.

The traditional Sicilian dishes are made with fresh, local ingredients, and they are an explosion of flavours and fragrances. Sicilian recipes include pasta-based dishes as well as fresh fish. Some of the most appetising Italian desserts come from Sicily: Cassata and Cannoli will make your mouth water, guaranteed.

Here there are 10 traditional Sicilian dishes you should at least once in your life.


sicilian food
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Arancini literally means “light oranges”, due to their appearance that make them similar to the Mediterranean fruit. They are small balls of rice, deep fried and filled with different food. For example, you can find Arancini filled with ragu, mozzarella and peas in Catania, as well as Arancini filled with chicken in the centre of the Island.


Pasta alla Norma

pasta alla norma
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The name of this Catanese dish comes from a Bellini opera: Norma. It is a very tasty pasta recipe, which combines ricotta cheese, auburgines and tomato sauce, with a bunch of basil on the top. Pasta alla Norma is one of the most famous traditional Sicilian dishes.



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When we talk about Caponata, we are talking about one of the Italian cuisine’s strongholds. Made with aubergines and tomato and vinegar, Caponata is a vegan Sicilian dish characterized by a special bittersweet flavor. There exist many types of Caponata, with different recipes, depending on the area of the island you are.



granita siciliana
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If you are searching for a fresh, icy dessert to taste on the beach, or during a walk in the sunny streets of Sicily, Granita is what you need. Basically, you can choose between many flavours, including watermelon, coffee, almond, mint and the classic ones: lemon and orange.



cassata siciliana
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Cassata is the most famous Sicilian cake, traditionally eaten during Easter. This superb semi-frozen dessert is made with ricotta, chocolate and sponge cake. It contains pistachios and it is usually decorated with candied fruits, royal icing and marzipan.



cannolo siciliano
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Cannolo is probably the most popular Sicilian dessert, as well as one of the most recognized and loved Italian dishes. It consists in a crispy shell filled with ricotta and chocolate, with candied fruits on the top. It is perfect for a good breakfast, preferably served with Italian coffee.


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Pasta con le sarde

pasta con le sarde
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This astonishing Sicilian dish  is cooked with long pasta like bucatini or spaghetti, and sardines. It is enriched with pine kernels and white fennel, garnished with sultanas. This Sicilian food, typical of Palermo, was born in ancient times, during the siege of the Arabs in Sicily.


Busiate alla Siciliana

Busiate is a typical Sicilian and Trapanese pasta, characteristic for its corkscrew shape. It is usually served with the Trapanese pesto, which is quite different from the Genovese pesto:  it is made with almonds, tomatoes, basil and garlic.


Sarde al Beccafico

sarde al beccafico
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Sarde al Beccafico are fish rolls prepared with Sardine, raisins and pine nuts. It’s a typical fisherman’s dish, very popular in Palermo, usually served as second course.



The name derives from Latin “spongia“, or maybe from Arab “isfang“, which literally means “sponge“. Sfingi are small balls of leavened dough, fried in boiling oil. This tipical Sicilian food is prepared during the Carnival but it is possible to taste during all year.


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