Puglia wine: the magic of Salento and its wines

Puglia wine: the magic of Salento and its wines
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Puglia wine: the magic of Salento and its wines

Puglia astonishes with its dark, full-bodied wine, as well as with its traditional food. The dry, fertile soil of Puglia and its sunny climate are perfect for the growth of vineyards. Situated in the south of Italy, Puglia is lapped by the Mediterranean to the east and south. It boasts a varied landscape which make Puglia wine a great, luscious wine.

When we think about Italian wine, we mostly think about the wine produced in the northern regions of Italy, such as Piedmont, Veneto and Tuscany. The South has much to offer as well, and exploring the best wine traditions of Puglia could be an amazing and tasty adventure for your palate. Puglia produces the 17 percent of the total wine of Italy, which means that it is the first wine producer of the country.

Although white wines are gradually growing in importance, the most remarkable Puglian wines are red. Primitivo and Negroamaro are the two varieties of grape from which the best Puglia wines are produced. Primitivo di Manduria and Salice Salentino are probably the two most famous wines in Puglia, and in the last few years they have been highly appreciated in Italy and outside the country.


Puglia wine
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Puglia wine: Primitivo

PrimitivoPrimitivo wines, including Primitivo di Manduria, are usually full-bodied and high in alcohol red wines. The word “Primitivo” refers to the early ripening of the grapes, which make of a rich and tasty wine. Primitivo di Manduria takes his name from Manduria, the city in Puglia where the wine is primarily produced.

A sweet Primitivo has generally more alcohol than the dry one, and it pairs with cheese and desserts. The dry Primitivo is a 14% alcohol wine which works well with pasta, meat-based dishes and pork.

The Italian immigrants brought and cultivated the Primitivo grapes in California between the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s. The American wine, called Zinfandel, maintained similar characteristics.


Puglia wine: Salice Salentino

Salice SalentinoSalice Salentino is a red wine produced in the Salento Peninsula and made from the Negroamaro grapes (literally “black bitter”). It has dark color and well-structured flavor.

It’s good with cheeses, meat and main courses with pasta. It is also the perfect companion to pizza and meatballs, due to its taste, which is not too acidic neither tannic.

Different varieties of this wine were created, including Rosso, Rosato, Aleatico and Bianco. For those who love liqueur wines, we suggest to try Salice Salentino Aleatico in the variety Liquoroso. Salice Salentino is also great in the Riserva and Spumante version.


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Puglia wine: Nero di Troia

Nero di troia
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This Puglia wine is produced in the area of Troia, in the province of Foggia.

According to a legend, the town was founded by the Aeneid’s hero Diomedes. Many think that Greeks brought the vine here from the original Troy (Turkey), after the destruction of the mythological city.

With its spicy and wooded flavor, Nero di Troia is one of the most important wines of the region. The wine is usually characterized by hints of licorice and blackberries.

This wine has become rarer in the last years, but still in great demand by wine lovers. Indeed, by the year 2000, the number of hectares dedicated to the cultivation of this vine has declined from 9.000 to 1780.


Puglia wine: Negroamaro

NegroamaroNegroamaro is a dark red wine rustic in character. The vine has a preference for calcareous soils and is well suited to Puglia’s hot summers.

About the meaning of the name “Negroamaro” there are two schools of thought. The first opinion is that Negroamaro simply means “black” (negro) and “bitter” (amaro), referring to the characteristics of the wine. The second school of thought, the name comes from ancient greek, meaning “dark black”, because of the color of the grape of this Puglia wine.


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