Puglia food: what to eat in Puglia

Puglia food: what to eat in Puglia
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Puglia food: what to eat in Puglia

Puglia food represents an amazing new experience for all the food lovers and for those who are visiting this astonishing region for the first time. Situated in the south of Italy, right in the heel of the “boot”, Puglia delights its visitors with Mediterranean landscapes, friendly people and unforgettable food.

As in many other parts of Italy, Puglia cuisine is “cucina povera”, literally meaning poor cuisine.  Almost all the Puglia food and dishes, including starters and mains, are prepared with fresh and local ingredients which are provided by local farmers. Due to its rural background, Puglia boasts an astonishing countryside, which offers a great variety of vegetables, such as tomatoes, rocket, artichokes, fava beans, courgettes, beans, peppers, onions and chickpeas.

For those who like the sea, Puglia delights them with its long sandy beaches and the blue water from the Adriatic and Ionic Sea. The seaside, indeed, is a famous tourism destination, including cities like Otranto, Lecce and Gallipoli. Therefore, it’s easy to understand how superb the seafood can be in the coast area. For the fish lovers, going around the narrow streets of Gallipoli, and exploring its fish market -one of the best of the entire region- it’s strictly recommended.


Puglia Food
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Top 7 dishes of Puglia cuisine

It could be a difficult job to select and suggest the most delicious dishes of Puglia cuisine, but we can ensure that vegetarian and meat-lovers will find their own favorite dish. Let’s have a look at the 7 must-try dishes you can find in the best restaurants in Puglia:


Orecchiette Pugliesi

orecchiette pugliesi
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First, you should try the most famous pasta from Puglia: Orecchiette (literally “little ears”). This ear-shape handmade pasta is usually served with cime di rapa sauce, but you can also find Orecchiette with mussels, courgette flowers and ricotta. Although Orecchiette is a major symbol of the Bari cuisine, in the Puglia restaurants you can order other typical pasta-based dishes, such as Troccoli, Cavatelli and more.


Riso Patate e Cozze

riso patate e cozze
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This Bari based dish is made of rice with potatoes and mussels. It’s a typical delicacy from Puglia, difficult to find anywhere else outside the region. Rich in carbohydrates and protein, this is a perfect meal after a hard-work day, and it is also a gift for your palate.


Sagne ‘ncannulate

Sagne 'ncannulate
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Sagne ‘ncannulate: it’s the typical Sunday dish, a homemade pasta prepared with flour and water. The long shaped pasta, similar to fettuccine, is designed to make it easy to amalgamate with dense sauces, such as sugo and ricotta.



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Friselle: a particular type of bread characterized by a ring shape. The Frisella is double-baked and, thanks to its hardness, it is especially perfect for workers and for all those who like to have a tasty and nutritious meal outside the home.



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Burrata: this fresh cheese, which name literally means “buttered”, is simply unique because of its filling. Made from Mozzarella and cream, in Lecce restaurants it’s usually accompanied by vegetables, such as tomatoes and salad, and served at room temperature. Once you’ve had a bite of it, after tasting the outer skin of the cheese, you can join in your mouth the lovely sensation of the juicy cream.



Sott’olio: it’s a method to preserve food, which gives a remarkable and recognizable taste to the products. People from Puglia (Pugliesi) like to jar artichokes, onions and peppers with olive oil and vinegar.  The jars are then left to sit for months, and once opened they are consumed for lunch or as appetizers, better if paired to a glass of good wine.



taralli pugliesi
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Taralli: have you just tried the best restaurants in Puglia, and now you are looking for the perfect snack to eat on-the-go? Taralli could be the right choice for you: they are a small, circular kind of biscuits you can eat everywhere. They exist in both the variants: savory and sweet.


The Puglia food offers many other delicacies, such as Puccia, Pizzette, Baccala’ and Zeppole, which is the traditional Father’s Day sweet. To discover more about Puglia food, we suggest you to explore the region, immersing yourself deeply into the atmosphere of the Salento’s countryside, and wandering the streets of the baroque-style city of Lecce.


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Puglia food in the UK

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