Prelibata: paths in taste

Prelibata: paths in taste
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Here we are once again together in the journey to discover the territory of Vicenza and its best companies in collaboration with Confartigianato Vicenza. Today we will talk about Prelibata, an online shop of Italian products that brings to your table the local traditions and the most valuable flavours of the territory.


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Who is Prelibata?


We taste, we smell, we choose the best products for you.


From this core message you can already understand the aim of Prelibata.

Prelibata is the passion for cooking and for the typical specialities, a place where to rediscover the local traditions and the most valuable products and flavours of the territory.

The products are carefully chosen only from the farms rooted in the territory, which are the expression of the local traditions. Products and local excellencies with a story to tell, that share the philosophy of Prelibata.

A philosophy that wants to satisfy the needs of those who do not want to leave the taste of tradition, of freshness and genuineness of the typical products of Italian regions.


How does Prelibata work?

The mode of operation of Prelibata is very simple:

  • from the best Italian companies, Prelibata chooses the best typical regional products;
  • thanks to the online platform the customer can choose the ones he likes;
  • the product is delivered to any part of Italy;
  • once the product arrives it can be tasted and don’t forget to lick your chops at the end!


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Which products?

The products are many and very varied: you will find many products to drink and eat!



  • Sausages (salami, sausage, pork,…)
  • Pasta and cereals (pasta of all kinds, Taralli,…)
  • Seasonings (oil, vinegar, oregano, spices, pesto,…)
  • Preserves (jams, preserves, patè, pickle, sweet and sour,…)
  • Dairy (cheeses of all kinds)
  • Sweets (colomba, chocolate, cakes, biscuits,…)



  • Nectars and fruit juices
  • Wines (whites, reds, rosè, bubbles,…)
  • Beers (blondes, red, wheat,…)
  • Alcohol (liqueurs, grappas,…)
  • Non-alcoholic drinks (syrups, juices,…)


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How to become a supplier?

It is very easy to become a supplier of Prelibata, which is always looking for new partners to collaborate with.

Just click here and fill out the form on the page with the required information.


Prelibox: what is it?

Prelibox is a monthly subscription. It is a true journey through the local flavours and traditions of the Italian regions directly to your home!

Every month Prelibata chooses the best artisan products (based on seasonality) and send them to your home. In addition to the products you will also get Prelibata recipes.

You can enjoy the delicacies of the Italian territory directly at home!


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Prelibata Stories: what is this?

In 2018, Prelibata, in collaboration with Confartigianato Vicenza, The Italian Community and the Italian Food Blogger Association, launches the project Prelibata Stories.

This project promotes local gastronomic excellence even beyond local and national boundaries.

How do they do that? Through food bloggers and food writers who exploit digital communication tools to put in contact consumers with the products and local Italian excellencies.

Also the Amazon experience is started, in the Made in Italy section, with the aim of facilitating the growth on the global market.


Go to Amazon Made in Italy –> click here

Go to Confartigianato Vicenza on Amazon –> click here


Prelibata Stories
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We want to end this article with few words from Paola Sartori of Prelibata:


In recent years, food and wine products, expressions of local craftsmanship, have had a remarkable growth as a souvenir purchase.

Nine out of ten tourists return home with some food and wine in their suitcase, bringing home the thrill of the holiday, the identity of the territory, the beauty, the history of the place and of those who live in it.

This is the goal of Prelibata stories, to be the narrative and the emotion of the excellence of the craftsmen 12 months a year.

A product will not simply be a good product, it will be much more. It will be available on site but also on line, adapting to the times and needs of modern life.

New media is a great opportunity when used strategically and professionally. That’s why Prelibata Stories, born from the collaboration with Italian Food Blogger Association, Confartigianato Vicenza and Italian Community of London, will not be a simple voice but a chorus for the territory and the craftsmanship and will provide that strength that for a single company it’s hard to get.


Long Live to Italy and to italian products!


The Italian Community
with Confartigianato Vicenza