PALLADIObags: unique bags inspired by Palladio

PALLADIObags: unique bags inspired by Palladio
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PALLADIObags: unique bags inspired by Palladio

Passion for art and the architectural beauties of the Vicenza territory: this is PALLADIObags. PALLADIObags is a true fashion label, originated and made in Italy. It represents the colours and fragrances of Vicenza, the tradition of their shops and the history of their master craftsmen, who hand down their secrets from one generation to another.




How was PALLADIObags and his style born?

PALLADIObags represents a line of leather goods and accessories characterized by pure and refined shapes of Palladian Villas. These Villas were designed by the architect Andrea Palladio and they were mainly built in the province of Vicenza and in other cities of Veneto in the XVI century.

Due to their beauties, 24 Villas were selected to be part of the Unesco Heritage, and have also been the inspiration for the successful project of Nadia Schiavo, an entrepreneur from Vicenza.

Quoted from Nadia herself: “The architectural forms of Palladio communicate great emotions to those who can appreciate them and would like to live inside. I think that the possibility of taking possession of a little of this emotion and then to bring it with you is something wonderful”.

For this reason in Nadia’s mind took place the idea of matching her passion for architecture with the knowledge of leather goods she developed working in this industry.

A PALLADIObags product has got perfect proportions and beautiful shapes which come from the tradition of the leather and textile craft which is created into unique hand-made bags, produced with high-quality materials. In each bag, you can recognize the perfection of the proportions.  You can feel the cultural values of the Vicenza territory and the tradition of the master artisans.

The texture of the bags reproduce -like in a tapestry- the original drawings of the Palladian Villas, as they appear in the book “Quattro libri dell’Architettura” (The four books of Architecture).


When was PALLADIObags born?

The idea of creating PALLADIObags was born in 2013.  This happenned after Nadia had observed and fell in love with the shape of a textile texture which was created by a designer for the celebration of Palladio’s birth anniversary. This inspired her to create a line of leather goods with leather fabric.


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Nadia Schiavo


The choose of PALLADIObags materials

Nadia chooses the materials among the things she feels more familiar. Mostly from the tanneries, where she has worked for many years. She noticed how waste materials from the meat industry could be transformed into precious and comfortable objects.

Nadia patented Tessuto Arazzo-Jacquard, a motivi Palladiani, which is the base for her works. This fabric derives from a medieval Italian tradition, which was destined for nobility.

A Como manufacturing of ancient familiar tradition produces the tapestry fabric, using Nadia design.


PALLADIObags and its artisans

Nadia carefully chooses the artisans who create the bags, personally selecting them among the people she met in her life. They mostly come from the leather goods school, where she used to teach before opening her own company.

The artisans are not only prepared and “unique”, they love their work and want to transmit their knowledge and values to the next generations.


fabric arazzo


What are PALLADIObags features?

The fabric is very resistant thanks to the selection of yarns such as cotton and polyester, to which a second support fabric is coupled. Due to this, the bags are very resistant: they are scratch resistant, but at the same time light to hold.

Furthermore, thanks to an anti-stain treatment, the bags do not get stained.

The seams are treated particularly, because Nadia believes that they are the elements which add personality to the bags and tell us about the artisan who sewed them.

The handles have a rigid core and the hinges are almost exclusively made by brass, which ensures a longer life.


PALLADIObags and the future

Nadia wishes that her bags export the Italian culture all over the world, and currently making progress as her bags are well-known in the London market.

The PALLADIObags brand is likely to grow in the future. The bags are hand-made by artisans in Italy. With high-quality natural materials, the bags are unique and different from each other, like little masterpieces.

All the best ingredients which are originated and made in Italy!


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