Palladian dinners: discover the excellence of the food and the handicraft of Veneto

Palladian dinners: discover the excellence of the food and the handicraft of Veneto
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Palladian dinners

Did you know that the most visited region in Italy is Veneto? Veneto is one of the most beautiful Italian regions that is located to the east in Northern Italy. The most well-known city in Veneto is certainly Venice, followed by Verona and the very famous Lake of Garda. Veneto is a land rich in history, culture, traditions and art. Today we want to talk about the territory of Vicenza, and we will particularly focus on the Palladian Dinners.


territory of Vicenza
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What are the Palladian Dinners?

The Palladian Dinners are organized evenings where you can admire the magnificence of the Palladian Villas, the best local expressions of fine dining, popular folklore shows and other suggestions. You will then find all the ingredients to enjoy the excellence of the Vicenza area.

During these dinners, the excellence of the artistic works, food products and wines of the Vicenza area will be highlighted. This is an amazing opportunity both for Italian and foreign tourists who can discover the beauty of the Palladian Villas and the goodness of the Vicenza cuisine on the same unique occasion.

Do you want to discover what you could find in a Palladian Dinner? Watch this video.



Why in the Palladian Villas?

The Palladian Villas are a set of Venetian villas concentrated mainly in the province of Vicenza. They were built in the 16th century by the architect Andrea Palladio. These villas were designed for the most important families of the region, aristocrats and exponents of the Venetian bourgeoisie.

The Palladian Villas were not built just to allow the owners to enjoy themselves: on the contrary, they were production complexes surrounded by fields and vineyards, also including warehouses and stalls used for working the lands.

Due to their unique beauty, 24 of these villas have been chosen to be part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Therefore, Palladian Villas represent an excellence of the Veneto region and for this reason they have been selected as the best places to organize the Palladian Dinners.


Palladian dinners
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Who organizes the Palladian Dinners?

The Palladian Dinners are organized by Confartigianato Vicenza and by the restaurateurs associated with them, which propose meetings about art and taste in the Palladian houses.


If you want to know more about the Palladian Dinners click the link:

-> Learn more

You will find all the information on the scheduled dinners and the booking form.


How and where to find the Palladian dinners?

There are four Palladian Dinners, one for each season.


4 gala dinners for 4 seasons!


The 4 seasonal dinners are a unique experience to enjoy the villas and their artistic heritage. You will have the opportunity of tasting the best dishes of the Venetian cuisine along with the typical seasonal products.

This is the program:

7.00 pm: arrival of the guests, aperitif and tasting in the rooms of the villa

7.30 pm: visit the villa and the location of the event

8.30pm: gala dinner at the table with a menu of seasonal dishes of the Venetian cuisine

11.00 pm: end of the evening


Here are the locations of the Palladian Dinners.


Villa La Rotonda

Image from Confartigianato Vicenza
Image from Confartigianato Vicenza


This Palladian Dinner takes place on the occasion of the summer solstice. In the dinner, you can then taste the Vicenza delicacies of the summer season.

La Rotonda cannot be considered just a villa, it’s something more. Over the centuries it has been visited by poets, artists, rulers, statesmen, scholars, travellers and tourists.

This villa, which is over 100 years old, has remained a place of pure beauty full of inspiration, joy and culture.


Date: 21 June 2018

Closing reservations: 31 May 2018

Location: Villa La Rotonda, Via della Rotonda, 45 – 36100 Vicenza (VI)

Price: € 80.00

Info and reservations: click here


Villa Cordelliana

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This Palladian Dinner takes place on the occasion of the autumn equinox. The fresh season is coming and the Vicenza cuisine will accompany you in this passage.

The Villa Cordelliana was built in Montecchio Maggiore (VI) by the will of Carlo Cordellina Molin and was completed in 1760. The villa remained the property of the Cordelliana family until the early 800 and then passed to the Lombardi family, which then sold the property to the Province of Vicenza. Thanks to the Province, many restructuring and reorganization operations have been made. Today the Villa is used as a representative office for the Province of Vicenza and for conferences, concerts and cultural activities.


Date: 18 September 2018

Booking closing: 31st August 2018

Location: Villa Cordelliana, Via Lovare, 36 – 36075 Montecchio Maggiore (VI)

Price: € 60.00

Info and reservationsclick here


Villa Godi Malinverni

Palladiana Villa godi malinverni
Image from


This Palladian Dinner celebrates the next winter’s arrival. Get ready to taste the warm dishes of the Vicenza tradition.

Villa Godi Malinverni belongs to the heritage of the Palladian Villas and was built by Andrea Palladio in 1542. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and inside the Villa you can find frescoes by Gianbattista Zelotti, Battista del Moro and Gualtiero Padovano.


Date: November 21st 2018

Bookings closing: October 31st 2018

Place: Villa Godi Malinverni, Via Andrea Palladio, 44 – 36030 Lugo of Vicenza (VI)

Price: € 60.00

Info and reservationsclick here



Grappa Museum – Poli Distilleries

Image from Confartigianato Vicenza


Finally winter is over. During this Palladian Dinner you will be transported from the cold to the warm season throughout the flavours of the Vicenza cuisine.

The Grappa Museum of Poli Distillerie is located in Schiavon, a small town of only 1000 inhabitants located in the province of Vicenza.

The museum covers an area of 1000 square meters and is divided into 6 areas:

1. The origins of distillation

In this first area, you can understand how the distillation process was born and how it evolves nowadays.

2. Distillation plants

In this area, you will find several plants used for the production of grappa.

3. The Pomace

In this area, you can deepen the knowledge of “La Vinaccia”, the raw material from which the grappa is obtained.

4. Poli family

This is the area for the Poli family, which has been producing grappa since 1898.

5. Grappa

In this area, you will understand what makes grappa a unique product in the world. You will also find around 2000 bottles of grappa produced from the 30s to the 80s.

6. Library of the Spirit

This area is dedicated to important topics such as ageing in wood, flavouring and consumption methods.


Date: March 21, 2019

Closing reservations: 28 February 2019

Location: Grappa Museum – Poli Distilleries, Via Marconi, 46 – 36060 Schiavon (VI)

Price: € 60.00

Info and reservationsclick here


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