Linea Angel Ariel: a great story from Vicenza!

Linea Angel Ariel: a great story from Vicenza!
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Linea Angel Ariel

In collaboration with Confartigianato Vicenza, our journey to discover the best companies of the Vicenza territory continues.

Today we want to tell you about the beautiful and moving story of Linea Angel Ariel.


The story behind Linea Angel Ariel’s inspiration

As Linea Angel Ariel‘s founder and chairman Antonia Venzo says, the birth of this company can be summarized with three words: love, pain and hope.

The story started with a promise Antonia made to her husband Ernesto, who discovered he had stomach cancer in December 1992. After some stomach pain and a specialistic visit, they understood that the problem was serious. A surgery was programmed, but after it Antonia and Ernesto were speechless: it’s a type of cancer extremely rare in Italy, but common in Japan, due to the bombs fallen on Yroshima and Nagasachi.

18-20 months life expectancy: this was the harsh response of the doctors! For Antonia, Ernesto and their daughters a new period of great suffer was just beginning.

Due to this problem, Antonia started to search for new therapies. She searched all around the world and found different types of therapies, she didn’t even know existed: injections which bring the body to a high temperature, liquid wax immersions and a chemio and radio protocol which was administered in Verona.

While searching for all the methods which could be useful in alleviating her husband’s suffering, a friend suggested to her a priest. This man talked  to her about a special plant, the Aloe, which was amazing for its healing properties.

In the next 24 hours, Antonia contacted the Jerusalem Convent, where the priest was in service. He wasn’t there, but a nun from Vicenza who lived in the Convent decided to help Antonia and sent her the recipe.


aloe healing properties
Free image from Pixabay


Now there was only one thing missing: the plant. Where could she get it? Nobody knew it in Italy, so Antonia decided to engage some acquaintances to search for this plant.

In the meanwhile, the time was running out and Antonia and Ernesto hoped to find the plant before it was too late. Eventually, the priest came back from Jerusalem and managed to send the product to Antonia on the 31st of May 1994.

When the product arrived, Ernesto asked Antonia something she couldn’t forget:


Promise me that if this plant helps people not to suffer like I did, go ahead in my name and make this story known to the world.


This phrase gave Antonia the inspiration.

One day, while Ernesto was in a sort-of-coma state, Antonia gave him the syrup made of the Aloe. Two hours later, the son Alessio called Antonia, saying that dad wanted to get up and see the valley. Antonia helped Ernesto to get up and change his clothes. Ernesto couldn’t stand, so Antonia sustained him. It was the last time Ernesto could see the valley. He exhaled his last few breaths and then he put his head on Antonia’s shoulder. Unfortunately, Ernesto’s life was over.

This is the story of Love, Hope and Suffer which gave Antonia the inspiration to understand better the extraordinary properties of the Aloe.


How did the Linea Angel Ariel story continue ?

Linea Angel Ariel VicenzaAfter Ernesto’s death in June 1994, Antonia continued her researches to deepen her knowledge about Aloe, and word spread that she had found something which could be useful against tumor pathologies.

Many people called Antonia and visited her, trying to learn more. Even the friars from the near Lonigo Convent consulted Antonia after they knew she had discovered the Aloe Arborescens plants, which with it was possible to create a syrup to cure sick people.

Antonia and her sister Vittoria brought some bottles of this product to the friars. They administrated it to many sick people, who immediately had benefits for their problems. The main case was a guy that had a serious problem to his skin, which broke in pieces, like a puzzle. Thanks to the syrup, he had visible benefits, but when he suspended the cure, the problem came back inexorably.

Antonia started talking on a weekly broadcast by Radio Idea from Lonigo. During the broadcast she usually contacted the friar from Jerusalem.

The months passed by and Antonia went ahead with her research. There are many varieties of Aloe and she didn’t want to stop at the only one known by the Jerusalem friar. So Antonia decided to create an authorized laboratory and research for the right plants. Many doctors encouraged her to continue this project, and offered support, though without exposing themselves.

Now that was the time she had to register the company, which she put in her name: Antonia Venzo.

Antonia’s project was good, but maybe its name wasn’t. One evening, while she was reading a fable to her child Matteo, her son said:

“Mum, you should change the company’s name. You should call it Angel Ariel, because Ariel is the Angel of Nature. The angel with the wings that form a heart and represents Love with a child (Life) on her lap.”

The day after Antonia went to Vicenza to change the company’s name. It was the 5th of March 1997 and Linea Angel Ariel was born: it had the symbol of the Angel with the wings forming a heart, a child on the lap representing the Life and Ariel as the Nature protection.


What is Linea Angel Ariel now?

Linea Angel Ariel is the main Italian company for the distribution and disclosure of Aloe Arborescens.

Linea Angel Ariel srl is supported by researches made on all the products in a laboratory realized according to the regulations in force. All the raw materials are controlled and standardized according to the Metodo Angel Ariel, whose patent is filed.


Why the Aloe arborescens?

The use of Aloe in medicine and in healing therapies come from the ancient times.

There are 450 known varieties of Aloe, and among all the Aloe Arborescens is considered the best. In fact the Aloe Arborescens has a higher concentration of active ingredients -at least three times higher compared to other varieties- and it’s more resistant to our climates.

The active substances are about one hundred, including mineral salts very important for curing some human degenerative diseases.

The Aloe Arborescens tends to normalise the biochemical and functional parameters of the body in a period which varies from subject to subject.

The plantations

Linea Angel ArielFor over 20 years, Linea Angel Ariel has been using leaves of Aloe Arborescens from a biological plantation in Sardinia.

The climate of the place is particularly favorable for the plants’ growth and for the maintenance of the optimal active substances concentration of the leaves.

The leaves collected in the plantation have a 5 years minimum age: only at this level the plant develops an important and efficient concentration of active substances.



The quality is very important in Linea Angel Ariel activity.

The quality of the plants is controlled and the Aloe leaves, strictly selected, are cut manually. The cold extraction of the leaves allows to maintain the active substances of the Aloe.

Plants, leaves and products are controlled to guarantee a higher quality level.


Studies and researches

The products of the Linea Angel Ariel s.r.l have been studied by 5 Research Institutes, among which the “Laboratori Frattini di Altavilla“, the “Fondazione Raphael” and the “Universita’ degli Studi di Milano” (where the Antonia’s studies and researches have been used for training reasons in the faculty of Medicine – here is an example: click here).



The production of  Linea Angel Ariel srl is divided in three main areas:

  • Linea Health for human use: it’s divided in 6 different types of  extracts from fresh leaves
  • Linea Cosmetics: woman, man, kids and for sunbathing
  • Linea for veterinary use


Do you want to learn more about Linea Angel Ariel products?

Go to the website


The story of the bees

Free image from Pixabay


When Antonia told us this story, we were astonished.

We want to bring this story back using the same words of Antonia:


The story began in 2001, when one of my organic honey suppliers from Uruguay told me he couldn’t provide me with his honey, due to the death of the bees.

As soon as I heard the problem, I went to the laboratory and created a special product for the bees, which I sent to him. After some months I was told that the bees were fine and that they had become even more active. Fewer bees died and my supplier doubled the production of honey.

In the meantime, another supplier from Vicenza told me he had the same problem: his bees were dying. I sent him my product and the results were great.

The death of the bees was a problem that was getting bigger. For this reason I wrote letters to many editorial boards and associations of beekeepers, telling them that I had the right product for helping bees become stronger.

A beekeeper from Cervia helped me with an observational study.

As we were proceeding with the study, I noticed that some bees were entering in my house. I saw that they were in bad conditions, so I decided to give them some drops of my product: API45SOLUTION. Some of them died, while others recovered.

I think that bees had felt that in this place, we were doing something for them.

Bees started arriving in thousands, and in September I decided to create a lot of API45SOLUTION only for them. Every time I opened the door of the laboratory, lots of bees arrived.

Nobody has been stung by the bees. Neither my children, or the boys and girls who worked in the laboratory.

Thanks to the product we had created, the bees flew happy!

I am sure that the bees went to ask for help, pushing me on this road. They knew that the product could help them recovering and living longer.

They used to call me “Mum Aloe“. Now they also call me “Antonia the mum of the bees“.


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