Italian Food

Italian Food
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Italian food

Italian food is a common cuisine in England, in the UK and in the entire world. The Italian cuisine is easy to prepare and there are many recipes available online to make tasty and healthy dishes. Some of the main famous dishes include Spaghetti Bolognese, Lasagna and most famous of all Pizza.

It is also easy to find ingredients due to the existence of Italian deli and food shops.

Almost every supermarket contains main italian ingredients such as pasta and sauces. In major chain supermarkets, there is even a pasta isle of which you can choose between different types of pasta and sauces. A majority of the supermarkets now offer online purchasing and home delivery, making it easier to cope with our everyday hectic schedules.

Over the last few years, it has become much more common to choose online purchasing over physical stores. This has many benefits including its convenience, comparison of prices and buying the same products at a cheaper price.

On another note, if you are searching for quality when buying Italian food, it is advised to buy from an online store specialized in Italian food.


Italian food
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Due to Italians cuisine popularity, you can find many Italian restaurants widely available globally.

In the UK, there are many famous chain restaurants including Pizza Express, Jamie Oliver, and world-known Pizza Hut. In the UK, particularly in London, you can find a huge numbers of Italian restaurant.


If you want to find the best Italian restaurants you can find a list on The Italian Community website.


Italian food online UK

Given the great demand for Italian food products in England, in recent years, many online sites have been created for selling and disseminating Italian food and wine products.

One issue with purchasing online for this purpose is that it is not always possible to know the products’ quality. Additionally, due to the existence of many online stores, people may get confused about which one to select.

Here are some simple tips that could help you:

  • make sure the brand is originally Italian (i.e. maybe doing a little research on Google);
  • read carefully the reviews of the site and the individual products;
  • do not use the price as the main criteria for choosing: in most cases, a very cheap product does not guarantee an appreciable level of quality.


Do you need Italian products?

Go to The Italian Community Shop!

You will find many original Italian products, selected from some of the best Italian food shops in Italy and in the UK.


Italian food shop London
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Italian deli

If you prefer to choose products directly in a physical store, the advice is to go to an Italian deli. An advantage of doing this is for you to view products more closely; meaning selecting your preferred products better. Moreover, shop staff (i.e. most likely to be Italians themselves) could advise you on the right product to buy for your special dish!

There are different types of Italian delis. Some are shops specialized mainly in food, while others are for drinks (i.e. wine). There are also Italian delis which offer products of popular Italian brands and others that are dedicated exclusively to the sale of regional products; hardly available elsewhere.

One disadvantage of purchasing from a physical store is that the number of products available is likely to be more limited than an online store. On the other hand, the delis will certainly offer typical specialties that will not leave you disappointed. Moreover, the possibility of being able to see products in person and perhaps ask for advice from native Italians is a fascinating, as well as an educational experience for many.

Among the Italian deli, you can find both chainsand home-based stores. Additionally, located in London, you can find one of the most famous award winning delis, “Italian Wines”.  If you are searching for Italian niche products, unobtainable in the rest of the United Kingdom, you can try Limoncello based in Cambridge.


Italian food shop London

You can find the best Italian food shops in London.

An example? Luigi’s Delicatessen! It is an unique Italian delis, which opened in 1973. Here you can buy authentic typical Italian products appreciated all over the world, such as olive oil, salami, ham, countless types of pasta and many other products.

The number of Italian food shops in London is constantly increasing. If you want to discover and dive into thepassion of Italian food, take a walk through the streets and squares of London, enter an authentic Italian deli and experience the pleasure of a real Italian cuisine!


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Davide Berardinelli
The Italian Community