L’Idea Tappezzeria e Tendaggi: quality Italian upholsterers

L’Idea Tappezzeria e Tendaggi: quality Italian upholsterers
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L’Idea Tappezzeria e Tendaggi

Our journey with Confartigianato Vicenza continues. Today’s stage around the Vicenza territory stops at Malo, an Italian municipality of 14.000 inhabitants in the province of Vicenza. Specifically, we are going to visit “L’idea Tappezzeria e Tendaggi”.

This company is the best choice for those who search for awnings, pergozips, outdoor furniture and accessories, wallpapers, curtains and rugs.


idea tappezzeria e tendaggi


Why is L’Idea Tappezzeria e Tendaggi so special?

L’Idea Tappezzeria e Tendaggi is made up of experienced furniture professionals who can help you embellish the interior and exterior spaces of your house.

It is increasingly difficult to find expert upholsterers who can do their job! In fact, the specialized courses that taught this art have completely disappeared and there are no more new levers ready to take the place of the “old” professionals in the sector.

This is precisely why L’Idea Tappezzeria e Tendaggi is a rare gem to find. The upholsterers who work in the company have an experience that has been handed down for several generations and that continue to transmit to new entrants who become part of the “family”.

In addition to the products used, of the highest quality and excellent workmanship, what are the strong points of the company?

  1. The assistance and advice in the selection of products is the first strong point. All-round assistance: the staff, experienced and qualified professionals, is able to advise each customer on the most convenient solution, adapting the selected items to their requests.
  2. Another strong point is the personalization of the items according to customer indications. All the fabrics of the curtains and of the other products can be customized by size, color and other details.
  3. The third strong point is that the products are adapted to every type of budget, making the company the ideal choice for individuals throughout Italy.


idea malo vicenza

L’Idea Tappezzeria e Tendaggi: interior and exterior

The company offers a broad range of choices both for interior and exterior: let’s see together!


For the exterior

Our mantra is to protect and valorize your house.

The exterior of the house should be treated as much of the interior, both from an aesthetic point of view and from an architectural one. A wise use of tents and outdoor structures allows you to renew the appearance of each building, creating spaces in which to spend the summer and spring days and protecting the house from the most detrimental effects of rain, sun and wind.

The outdoor tents of L’Idea Tappezzeria e Tendaggi are designed and built to combine aesthetics and functionality, elegance and durability: after installation, performed by company technicians, outdoor blinds open and close easily. The use of top quality materials allows outdoor tents to withstand rain, wind and ultraviolet rays for a long time.

You can also choose the most suitable item in a vast catalog of outdoor tents, with the assistance of the store staff.

Here’s what you can find:

  1. Awnings: elegant, functional and of many types adaptable to all needs.
  2. Structures and pergozips: roofs for terraces and pergozips refined and design, perfect for your outdoor space.
  3. Garden furniture and accessories: garden chairs, armchairs, tables, deckchairs to personalize your garden.
  4. Accessories for garden furniture: strong, resistant, elegant fabrics able to enhance any outdoor environment.


Do you want to find out more about L’Idea Tappezzeria e Tendaggi?

Visit the website, click here!


For the interior

High quality interior items selected for you.

L’Idea Tappezzeria e Tendaggi is among the leading companies in Malo, Vicenza, Schio and Thiene in the sale of upholstery, upholstery fabrics and curtains for interiors. The interior of a house can tell a lot of who lives there, especially if the decorator can count on a wide choice of items and furnishing components.

This Vicenza-based company offers one of the most extensive catalogues in the sector: it is the result of a selection of the most renowned brands on the market. The assortment includes upholstery for interior curtains, curtains, fabrics and everything necessary to furnish the home with a view to refinement and functionality.

Here’s what you can find:

  1. Classic curtains: an infinity of colours that are perfect for every style.
  2. Modern curtains: shapes and lines sought for homes and offices with which to create incredible plays of light.
  3. Technical curtains: high resistance to ultraviolet rays, wind, rain. Only the best materials are used.
  4. Accessories for interiors: a wide range of interior furnishing accessories that are constantly updated.
  5. Wallpapers: a refined selection that guarantees an enormous possibility of personalization.
  6. Carpets: great variety of shapes, colours and materials to embellish your living space as you wish.



Some samples

Here are some of the works done by L’Idea Tappezzeria e Tendaggi.







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