Food delivery: the best food delivery services in the UK

Food delivery: the best food delivery services in the UK
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Food delivery: the best food delivery services in the UK

Food delivery could be the magical answer to your tasty food desire after an 8-hour work shift. It could also be a great opportunity for spending time with your friends and your beloved in a rainy cold afternoon, when nobody wants to get out. After all, why should you leave the comfy of your couch when a marvellous delivery person could literally ring the bell at your home handing a steaming, delicious pizza for you?

With a 10% growth this year, food delivery is growing much faster than other traditional food sectors. Restaurants visits, for example, had a growth of just 1%. What are the reasons of this new habit, UK citizens seem can’t do without? In this article we will explain the most important strengths of food delivery, and how easy it is to order food online in the UK with the right apps and sites.


Food delivery
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Food delivery UK

Food delivery is a service in which a store, restaurant, or independent food-delivery company delivers food to a customer. The delivered items can be food, drinks, side and desserts, as well as grocery items. There are two ways of ordering food online:

  • through the store or restaurant website
  • through a food ordering company or app


We have to say that nowadays many people still prefer to order food directly from the restaurants, but the trend of using apps and websites specialized in food is not going to decrease. This means that in the future much more people will use apps such as Deliveroo or JustEat to order their favourite food online.

If you are searching for food delivery in the UK, as well as for “food delivery near me“, you are going to find a large amount of great apps online.

Why is having food delivered at home so popular in the UK? Among the reasons, we have to include the speed of the process: from the moment you order a pizza or a dish of pasta, to the moment you pick it up at your door, it could take less than 30 minutes.  Obviously the time depends on many factors, including the preparation time of your meal and the distance between the restaurant and  your home.

Another great thing is that you don’t necessarily have to call the restaurant or the deli, you can just make your order on the application. Besides, many apps use a geolocation system which makes it easy for the couriers to find the place after the order.

For those who want to cook their perfect dinner and are searching for the right food products, try websites for instance The Italian Community Shop. The Italian Community Shop is the Ecommerce specialized in selling Italian food products both in Italy and in the UK. With a long experience in selecting the best Italian food products, TIC is specialized in: pasta, drinks and wine, coffee, olive oil, desserts and more.


food delivery in London
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Food delivery London

Do you live in London?  Did you promise your family to prepare a big tasty Italian meal, but now you don’t really know where to start from? London could be a very busy city, and often you should take the metro just for having  dinner with your friends. But London also offers a large amount of alternative choices. We are talking about amazing food delivery apps such as feasthq, which is specialized in providing late night food delivery service.

If you fancy high quality food from the best restaurants of the city, have a look at Supper. It provides the best of London’s restaurants, covering a large range of cuisines, from Asian cuisine to Italian, Spanish and more.

Another great way to have your food directly at your home is ordering from an online store. Its the most convenient choice, if for example you fancied Italian olive oil or Italian wine but had no time to going across London. If you go on the Italian Community Shop you can choose among different categories: food, gluten free and organic, pasta, olive oil, drinks, wine and coffee. All the food products are carefully selected from the best Italian brands, as well as from independent high-quality food producers.


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