Cold apricot cake | Italian recipes

Cold apricot cake | Italian recipes
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The fresh and creamy consistency of the yogurt mixed with the sweet taste of the apricots creates the perfect match for a summer dessert. This cold apricot cake presents a delicate filling made of yogurt and mascarpone cheese lying on a base of biscuits and garnished with freshly cut apricots.


cold apricot cake
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Cold apricot cake: ingredients for 8 people


The Base:


The Cream:

  • 500g Greek Yogurt
  • 500g Mascarpone
  • 60g Whole Milk
  • 12g Gelatine
  • 100g Icing Sugar
  • 1 Lemon peel


The Garnish:


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Cold apricot cake: instructions


  • Stating with the base: melt the butter in a pan and let it cool.
  • Blend the biscuits in a mixer until finely chopped.
  • Then put the minced biscuits in a bowl, add the melted butter and mix the ingredients with a spoon to amalgamate them and get a sandy compound.
  • Then pick a 24 cm diameter moldand cover it with oven paper.
  • Pour the mixture of cookies and butter in the mold and level it uniformly with the helpof a spoon.
  • Place the biscuits base in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.
  • For the cream: Soak the gelatin sheets in a bowl of cold water and let it soften for at least 10 minutes.
  • Pour the milk in a pan and bring it to the boil,then turn off the fire.
  • Take the jelly, squeeze it well and then mix it with the hot milk.
  • Let the milk and gelatine cool and in the meantime proceed with the preparation of the yogurt and mascarpone cream.
  • Combine yoghurt and mascarpone in a large bawl. Amalgamate the ingredients with the help of the whisks and gradually incorporate the icing sugar.
  • Grate the peel of a lemon and combine it together with the creamy milk and gelatine to the yogurt and mascarpone cream, then amalgamate all the ingredients.
  • Take the cake base out of the fridge and pour the cream of yogurt and mascarpone levelling it up using a spatula and place it in the fridge to solidify for at least 2 hours.
  • Rinse the apricots, dry them and cut in half. Remove the core and cut them in thin slices.
  • After 2 hours, take the cake out of the fridge and check that the cream is solid and compacted.
  • Place the apricot sliceson the top of the cake creating a sunburst drawing from the edges of the cake.
  • Finally,with the help of a brush spread the apricot jam uniformly on the surface of the cake so as to cover any space left between the fruit.


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