Philip Wallace

496 Streatham High Road, London, SW16 3QB Categorie: Notaio, SERVIZI PER AZIENDE E PRIVATI Notaio italiano a Streatham Notaio italiano a Londra

Philip Wallace ha vissuto in Italia e parla italiano. Lui è incluso nella lista dei Notai pubblicata sul sito del Consolato Generale d'Italia a Londra. Lui è in grado di preparare documenti che saranno legalmente riconosciuti in Italia. Philip è qualificato per assistere con tutti i tipi di documenti per l'Italia. Tuttavia, lui non è un avvocato italiano. Quindi non può consigliare a ciò che è necessario, ma, una volta che si sa di che cosa avete bisogno, lui può aiutare ad ottenere i rilevanti documenti.

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12 Comments on Philip Wallace

Report Subscribe 14/02/2018 02:49

I needed an urgent Special Power of Attorney notarised for Italy. Mr Wallace was contacted, booked me in for the next day and it was completed within 24 hours. I would highly recommend him.

Francesca Moralis
Report Subscribe 10/02/2018 12:39

Philip provided a quick and efficient service. He is fluent in Italian. Definitely highly recommend.

Senam Daniel
Report Subscribe 01/02/2018 10:54

Mr Wallace is professional, highly competent and knowledgeable. Excellent service!

James Ridgway
Report Subscribe 23/01/2018 12:41

Very quick and professional. I had no problems with the document produced or the certification.

Nino Folli
Report Subscribe 22/01/2018 17:17

Mr Wallace is very professional and deals with matters in a very diligent manner, together with being clear and concise which assists in understanding the issues in hand. I have found him to be efficient and thorough in my dealings that have resulted in matters being concluded to everyone's satisfaction and clarification.

Report Subscribe 22/01/2018 15:33

Excellent, knowledgeable, fast and fairly inexpensive compared to others. It was a pleasure to deal with Mr Wallace

Nicoletta Andreini
Report Subscribe 19/01/2018 11:35

I required some Italian notary work and Mr Wallace solved he issue faster than using the Italian Embassy services which would have taken a longer process. I'd suggest that if you are in a hurry or have a short time line to contact him directly as he can get the job in a more rapid way.

Report Subscribe 19/01/2018 10:40

good quality of services, very quick and efficient

Josephine Ghigo
Report Subscribe 19/01/2018 09:15

I had a complicated matter that required an Italian notary. Mr Wallace was very helpful and complicated the work quickly. I would definitely recommend him to others.

Y Yoo
Report Subscribe 18/01/2018 21:23

I required some Italian notary work, and Mr Wallace was very understanding of my particular situation and helped me immensely with his flexibility and professionalism. I definitely would go to him again if necessary, and highly recommend his services.

Report Subscribe 18/01/2018 15:29

I had to do some notary services with Mr. Wallace and he was very professional and friendly as well. He used to help me and to finish everything in a very short time.

Tina Picanza
Report Subscribe 18/01/2018 10:33

Due to ill health my elderly father was unable to travel to Italy to complete on a property sale and needed an appropriate Procura Speciale. which had to be notarised. We had the wording from Italy and I found Mr Wallace's details listed on the Italian Consulate's website. I called Mr Wallace and arranged a meeting as we had a short timeline to deal with this, Mr Wallace reassured me we had sufficient time to deal with this. The fees were clearly explained and detailed on his website. At the meeting Mr Wallace explained he amended the form slightly and ensured that my father understood what he was signing. The document was sent to the FCO by Mr Wallace's office via courier and returned within 2 days for us to collect, this exceeded our expectations. Mr Wallace speaks fluent Italian, although in our case this wasn't necessary as my parents speak English. Mr Wallace is a pleasant professional who put my parents at ease and I would highly recommend his services.