57 Regent's Park Rd, London, NW1 8XD Categorie: ALIMENTARE, Ristorante Ristorante italiano a Camden Ristorante italiano a Londra

Pesantissimo è un ristorante a conduzione familiare a Londra. Siamo orgogliosi di servire una squisita e autentica cucina italiana nella zona.

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1 Comment on Pesantissimo

Report Subscribe 28/01/2015 13:18

Ate there this evening. I was surprised that there were several tables available as other places in Primrose Hill were very full. The starter of bruschetta was OK. The main course took a long time to arrive. I had the saffron risotto which really was not nice. It was undercooked and stodgy, not at all creamy like a proper risotto should be. There was no discernible taste of saffron and the artichokes seemed to have been barely drained from the brine that they had been canned in. It was edible but not particularly pleasant to eat. When I mentioned this to the waiter who came to clear away the dishes, he muttered an apology but no further action was taken. It is a shame about this dish and the response to my comment because most other aspects of the restaurant were pretty good.