Moo! Italian Freshness

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Moo! Italian Freshness uses exquisite ingredients from the authentic Italian cuisine.

Every single bite of our food leaves us with a valuable memory that lasts forever. We believe that the “experience of tasting” is far more important than the taste itself. In every recipe, plate or ingredient we find ourselves trying to make a connection to some taste or experience that we’ve had in the PAST. This is precisely how a simple ham sandwich will remind us of our snack time during recess at school, or how the smell of Frico will bring back memories of all those Sunday afternoons spent at grandma’s house in the countryside. The jam on our face after eating a slice of a jam tart makes us feel like kids again.

What can we say, we’re Italians. We love our food, its taste and the versatility of our ingredients. This is why products like our milk, wheat and meat all come from our homeland and have been handled by the best according to our tradition. MOO! ITALIAN FRESHNESS takes you to the Italian countryside where the real Made in Italy magic takes place. Eating keeps our body and soul healthy. We know a good meal must be a perfect balance between tradition, innovation, genuineness and care. That’s it. This is our recipe to eat well and we want to share it with you.

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