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It seems way back now, but when we started the "Niche Local Directory” smartphone’s (PDA as they were known then!) had just entered the internet scene. So "trying to keep up with the Jones's", we rushed down to the local mobile phone shop and picked up a brand new Nokia N80.. Then..if like us.. the first thing you tried on your new gadget was "Google" to look for a local business , oh what a dissapointment !!! It soon became apparent when searching for local businesses that a decent informative directory did not exist! So we bravely or madly decided that we could do better, so "Niche-local" was born, and the brief from the start was to produce a directory that offered the consumer, and the advertiser something that was full of good quality, informative, and relevant information that the consumer required and the advertiser liked! Therefore we aimed to produced a business profile page that would become as good, or if not better, than most peoples website pages, and certainly better than any other directory listing on the market, which we think we have achieved.
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