Aglio e Olio

194 Fulham Road, London, SW10 9PN Categorie: ALIMENTARE, Ristorante Ristorante italiano a Kensington and Chelsea Ristorante italiano a Londra

Aglio e Olio, Ristorante italiano a Londra.

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2 Comments on Aglio e Olio

Report Subscribe 18/02/2015 10:17

Aglio E Olio is an Italian restaurant on the Fulham Road. Very close to Hollywwod Road and the Cinema, it is very convenient for a quick dinner before/after the cinema. They used to do very good pastas (havaen't been there for a while). The place is very small but quite cozy.

Report Subscribe 30/01/2015 10:36

I went to this restaurant with two friends after a hard day at work and we could not be bothered to cook. we shared 2 very tasting starters Followed by the most delicious pasta with venison ragu my friends where very pleased with the calves liver and fresh grilled calamari. This is a small restaurant but the food is excellent quality and very well prepared. The service was good and friendly. We left a tip in cash as this is a service not included restaurant ( rare this days) and the option is there for you to not tip if not satisfied.