Luce e Limone

Luce e Limoni is the symbolic return of owner Fabrizio Zafarana to his home, Sicily. It is the materialisation of a concept woven with beauty, local Sicilian cuisine and good taste. In a way, it is the repossession of Fabrizio’s roots.

Essenza Virtual PA

Running a business is not easy.

There are many advantages to being your own boss, such as flexible hours, freedom to choose who you work with, full control over how your company is run and possible unlimited revenue. If things go as you hope, there is no limit as to how much money you can make.

But there are challenges too. Even though you have flexibility on how and when you work, you may find you’re spending well over 50 hours a week at your desk. You may realize that the freedom you wanted to spend extra time with your family or following your passions is not there after all.

The good news is that you don’t have to do everything. The temptation is there, especially when you first launch your business. But there comes a time when you realize that if you want to grow your business, you need to delegate some of your tasks.

If you feel bogged down by administration, time consuming tasks, and repetitive work that you hate doing, a virtual assistant may be just what you need.
I have over two decades of secretarial/PA experience, 15 years of which at Director Level, working in the IT, Academia and Research sectors. I have also supported clients from many other industries.

As I am bilingual (English/Italian), I specialize in assisting businesses that deal with Italy and Italian entrepreneurs worldwide.

Are you ready to outsource some of the tasks you don’t have time to do, which so that you can focus on what you do best? If so, I’d love to hear from you.

Take a look at my website or email me at:

WellTax Limited

WellTax Limited offers services to a diverse customer portfolio, ranging from the goods to the services industry.

Our expertise lays in several areas such as accounting, tax and business investments, allowing us to provide complete support to our clients. We are totally committed about delivering what we promise, establishing trust and inspiring confidence. Our clients are ambitious small and medium-sized firms that are planning to internationalise and expand their business. Our primary objective focuses on the exploitation of the companies’ resources and the optimisation of the investment. Thus, it also includes the consolidation of the financial situation by strengthening the competitive advantage.

We appreciate openness, hard-work, integrity and honesty, prospering on the individual and collaborative efforts that are crucial to delivering great outcomes. At WellTax Limited, we are dedicated to attracting a diverse combination of highly capable people from different business backgrounds.

Our first objective is to fulfil a high level of customer service that is distinctively WellTax Limited. Particularly, our competencies and knowledge are essential to our customers to improve their market presence and achieve the designated goals. Please use our website and social media tools to discover more about us.

Nifeislife: Online Italian Delicatessen

Nifeislife is an Italian online delicatessen service, specialising in delivering premium quality Italian food and brands all around the UK. Same day delivery in London, Next Day delivery around the UK.

Driven by a remarkably simple concept – to make quality, authentic Italian food and ingredients available at affordable prices across the UK – Paco Nicodemo and Raul Longobardi created the now ever popular online Italian deli food category.

Today Nifeislife is quite a well known brand amongst Italians in London and is looking to grow upon existing business through the extension of products and services, whilst maintaining a brand identity.
Nifeislife’s warehouse and offices are located in the Park Royal Industrial Estate in North West London.

BBSA Associates Marketing

BBSA Associates Marketing is a marketing consultancy and outsourced marketing department agency that works for small businesses as well as larger organisations. We have experience in working with many key market sectors across Europe, including Professional Services, Education, Not for Profit, Machinery and many more. We are specialised in delivering a full range of services to companies operating in key market sectors including, Professional Services, Not-for-Profit and B2B.

With a wealth of experience in a number of industries, we aim to increase sales and profitability for our customers and we help SME companies to achieve their marketing and business development objectives.

T&V Architects

T&V Architects are a London-based firm that offers architectural and interiors design services. The design approach is led by the founders Paola Tuosto and Lorenzo Vianello, who worked for 15 years at relevant international practices, such as Foster Partners, Studio Fuksas, UNStudio and OMA. Our firm gets inspired by ideas and technological advances to offer solutions that address people’s needs.

Inventiveness and innovation are at the core of our business. Each of our projects is unique as the design reacts to an individual client’s brief. The office performs ongoing research on materials and digital methodologies to deliver always new solutions. Creating something exceptional requires a passion for avant-garde technologies and a wish to humanize them.

UK College of English

If you are interested to attend a good English course at the UK College of Inglese (English College in central London), with qualified professors and private classes with people of different nationalities, do not miss our latest winter offers!

We offer different courses divided according to your level of English, interactive lessons and preparation for exams like IELTS, FCE and CAE, one to one lessons and speaking conversation class free to give you a chance to practice and improve more your level day of English.

You will also have the opportunity to meet and interact with students from all over the world, who travel to the British capital for studying, working and raising their experiences;

We offer to our customers:

– General English (beginner, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper intermediate, advanced);
– Preparation IELTS, FCE and CAE;
– Coversation Club every Friday from 18: 30-19: 30
– Part- time evening class (3 days a week)
– There we release automatically at the end of the course a certificate of attendance with your English level reached and the hours that you have spent in our College;
– A free grammar and speaking test to assess your level of English starting and suggest the most appropriate course for your needs;
– Social activity and workshops

For reservations, appointments, information or quotes please contact me or buy your course directly online through our website or by contacting me at number 0044 7956190553 (Roberta)

Forest & Ray | Dentista Italiano a Londra

Studio of “Italian Dentist of London”

Forest and Ray was founded in 2006, and our Italian dental practice is located at 8F Gilbert Place, right in the heart of Central London, in the prestigious Bloomsbury neighborhood (WC1A2JD). Our clinic is located only a few minutes from the British Museum, where we maintain our reputation of high quality dental care and excellent patient care.

We welcome all Italians living in London to our comfortable, chic, expertly equipped and staffed dental practice! You can rest assured that everyone can get top shelf dental treatment while enjoying an Italian dental practice, with Italian dentists!

Check our offers in English!

AE Morgan Ltd | Commercialisti a Londra

We are your one-stop shop. AE Morgan provides 360 degree consulting, a set of complementary and integrated services for the success of your company abroad. Clear, transparent and no surprises.

Studio Commercialisti London

AE Morgan is a London-based firm of consultants and accountants. The study addresses its internal structure, a network of highly professional professionals, all with important and qualified working experiences in the public, industrial, banking and financial fields and enrolled in albi od professional orders, both in Italy and abroad, Such as Brazil, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Eastern Europe, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Lebanon, Central Africa, Morocco, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Eritrea and other countries.

Our skills are focused on the following areas:

  • Ordinary and extraordinary corporate consultancy
  • Establishment / management of any type of company
  • Tax advice (including non-dom solutions)
  • Tax and litigation prevention
  • Legal and administrative advice
  • Work advice
  • Business consulting and management
  • Banking and financial consulting
  • Environmental consulting and waste disposal
  • Integrated support services

President of AE Morgan and holder of the Milanese Colella Consulting Studio, Dr. Ettore Colella is an exceptional professional with many years of experience in the field. Dr. Ettore Colella personally follows the instruction of all customers’ practices.


We are an online delicatessen with two key categories:

  • A Freshly Made section that offers a range of hand made filled pastas & fresh egg pasta, pre-prepared meals, fresh sauces and our award-winning cannoli, mozzarella and sausages
  • A Pantry section featuring a hand-picked selection of premium delicatessen items, from a superlative truffle range through to a bakery, a wide choice of antipasti and a fantastic set of drinks to suit any occasion

Every item in the Freshly Made section is freshly made to order, so when we say “fresh” we really do mean it. Ercole, a seasoned chef with over 35 years experience, commandeers the kitchens where our hand made filled pasta and award winning cannoli are made. Salvatore, is our resident cheese aficionado, and takes great care and attention in hand making our fresh cheese range. Find out more about the interesting backgrounds of our chefs.

Great Italy

Highest quality products made in Italy

Made in Italy – Great Italy

The Made in Italy is an unmatched sense of design and style and it is Italy’s first and foremost export, and this is not happenstance.

This wealth is founded on centuries of Italians making great things and with care, by passing down traditional artisanal methods from generation to generation until those very techniques have become so refined that we possess something like a gift of human creativity, when we hold or wear a  Made in Italy  object nowadays.

One needs only to think of names like Ferrari or Armani to understand the power of Italian creative intelligence on the international scene.

Made in Great Italy

Made in Italy means the marriage of masterful design and artisan technique: it means superior quality. It is what makes Italy unique among all others. Here at Greatitaly you will have the opportunity to delve into the most influential areas of the Italian lifestyle: Fashion, Design, Food, Wine, and Travel.

We are happy you are here and invite you to experience all we have to offer.

Greatitaly is an Import-Export London Company of Italian high quality products.

Ours is a young company which only exports products of the highest and certificate quality exclusively coming from highly selected factories and farms all over Italy.

What we always keep in mind to consistently grow up as a company is to make the most of the quality of Italian products, always respecting the highest standards for what concerns health regulations: in fact, our company’s goal is to verify that our suppliers have a quality certification that respects the standards of the Made in Italy and the European ones.

By doing that, we are extremely sure that we are delivering to our customers the best experience for buying Italian products through an e-commerce. Shipment is always included in the final price.

Made in Italy products


The restaurant is located only moments away from Leicester Square and Covent Garden underground stations in the heart of London’s vibrant West End. Sartori is a great choice for pre and post theatre dinners and meals with friends or business colleagues alike. With a warm and friendly ambiance coupled with delicious authentic Italian cuisine a great time is guaranteed.

Try our famous metre long pizzas as well as many other traditional homemade Italian dishes.

Green Network Energy ltd

After nearly 15 years of experience in Italy, we decided to bring a touch of Italian to the British energy market!
We’re focusing some of our attention on the many Italians who live in Great Britain, we believe we have energy that speaks Italian! As well as being the first Italian electricity & gas supplier in Britain.

Why choose us?

  1. We have a bi-lingual Customer Care team who can look after customers in Italian or English.
  2. You can view our website and most of the content in Italian.
  3. Competitively priced tariffs.
  4. Choose one of our 100% renewable electricity tariffs and help support renewable energy generation.

Our service is the heart of our brand in the hearts of our customers!

Golden Nectar

In our family for the past five generations, our olive grove counts some 200 trees, most dating back to the 16th Century! Our olives – most of which are of the typical Ogliarola type – are cared for by our local farmers with passion, love and respect. Olives are harvested with traditional methods to ensure low acidity as well as the respect of our century-old trees. Our extra virgin olive oil is obtained with state-of-the-art mechanical methods.


Giovanni’s restaurant is one of the oldest Italian restaurants in Covent Garden. Nestled in the heart of theatre land, lying in a historic alley built in 16th century London, with it’s Georgian bowed windows and original flickering gas lamps. Walking along this charming court is like stepping back in time.

Pietro Pratico

I’m Pietro, I’m Italian and passionate for teaching. I am a singer and songwriter as well. I was classically trained in Italy for a short period of time and later moved to London. In 2010, I graduated in Popular Music Performance and Vocals (Merit) from one of the best European Music Schools: Tech Music School London.

By studying with different teachers and with a diverse variety of methods, I was introduced to the “MIX” technique. I initially thought it could be a good idea to try and get to know more about it. I made the best choice! This radically changed my view on singing and motivated me to study this type of vocal approach.
I have been receiving high standard training with some amazing coaches of the Mix.

As a vocal tutor, I firmly believe technique must be a mean for the singer to be able to use their voice in a natural manner and without any constrictions. Specific exercises will lead you to reach your goals naturally, by avoiding any external manipulation. Also, by learning the technique you will be able to focus on the importance of emotional release and freedom during a performance.

As I was immensely inspired by this vocal approach, I’d definitely love to inspire you as well!


  • I am a cool guy and I love working with different people and voices!
  • Learn to sing smoothly throughout you range with ONE voice.
  • Get rid of vocal tension
  • Extend your range
  • Gain vocal strength
  • Improve your tone quality

Dr Silvia Pierini

I am a skilled general paediatric consultant with over 25 years experience of working with children of all ages.

I have worked extensively in hospitals and clinics in both Italy and the UK and I am a specialist in all aspects of general paediatrics, neonatology and breastfeeding.

I ensure that your child receives the very best care at all times and offer professional support and medical advice to parents throughout every stage of their child’s development.

I work with new parents from the day their baby leaves the hospital, providing the medical expertise which gives them confidence in caring for their new born.

Regular baby checks, monitoring of your child’s growth, development and wellbeing, routine follow ups and complete health checks are all part of the care I offer families.

My private practice is based in Mayfair, 58 South Molton Street, W1K 5SL central London.

I also offer the flexibility of home visits, when needed and provide telephone support to parents.

I am a registered consultant with all the leading insurance companies (BUPA, AXA, AVIVA, Simply health, Pru Health etc…)

Rosa Ucci

My name is Rosa, I’m a mature Italian psychologist and psychotherapist who has lived and worked in Anglo-Saxon countries of strong emigration, from Australia to the United States.

My long experience of life and professional work has brought me back to London where I chose to return to help the Italians who move and enter the English sphere, with the passion that has always characterised my work.

I have long believed in a tailor-made, joint-built approach that is useful in dealing with any psychological problem. I aim to resolutely remove symptoms of psychological illness, fear from depression, neurosis to eating disorders, and personality.

I work with short counseling paths and with pathways of broader breathing and duration of psychotherapy. Among the many techniques that I can use and apply ad hoc, there is hypnosis therapy.

I also organise thematic counseling groups to support the inclusion of Italians arriving in London, of whom I have shared and lived in the first place the difficulties.

In the complexity of today’s world, I believe even more in the integration of various psychological theories, even if I consider central man and hence humanistic theory.

For this, the techniques of the various schools are applied and integrated according to their personal needs, depending on the phases and needs of the path that is established together, in the starting cognitive encounter.