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What if you live in UK? How can we help you?

Vineyards Direct creates a direct line between UK wine establishments – interested in sourcing new wines bypassing the usual channels – and Italian wine producers eager to break in the UK market.

We offer a personal and professional service tailored to your needs, leading you to source quality products not hampered by unnecessary overheads.

We do not own warehouses and delivery vans, neither we directly employ drivers or administrative staff: all the consequent savings are passed directly to the end customer – you.

Have you tried and loved a particular wine but have been unable to find it in the UK – and the idea of sourcing it directly does not make a lot of sense from the financial and logistic point of view?

If you are willing to commit to purchase a set amount of bottles over a fixed period (eg. 48 bottles per month) Vineyards Direct will take care of contacting the winemaker; organising shipment, custom clearance and storage; and deliver to your premises on a regular basis.

We will then look for other trade accounts in different areas to allocate the rest of the shipment.

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