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1 College Yard, 56 Winchester Avenue, NW6 7UA, London, UK Categories: Photographer, Illustrator, Creative Services Web Graphics, Marketing PR Services, SERVICES PRIVATE AND B2B
Vibes Art was created in 2012 by five Artists, each one of them with a different focus in visual communication: Web Development, Graphics Design, Social Media Marketing, Photography, Video Making and Sound Engineering. TEAMWORK IS OUR FORCE AND THE BASE OF OUR PHILOSOPHY Throughout the years, we have learned to incorporate our experience with one another, thus creating a solid team with one goal and giving us the capability to take head on even the most challenging projects. Vibes Art is synonymous of Personal Company. We want to be the point of reference for our clients and we will deliver a finished and customized project that will reflect their identity through new and alternative ways of communication and branding. We are aware of the power of communication and our aim is to exploit it with all our means to help our client increase the value, importance and professionalism of their project. THE WEBSITE HAS TO BE YOUR REFLECTION IN THE DIGITAL/VIRTUAL WORLD. Web design is the area in which we are able to best collaborate our abilities. We create completely customised showcase sites, starting from graphic templates all the way to coding. We also specialise in creating websites with CMS (Content Management System) WordPress which gives us the opportunity to insert apps like E-Commerce, E-Booking and online payment systems. All our projects are based on Responsive Design and the main coding languages we use are HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP and MySQL. We also follow our clients through Social Network Marketing with the possibility to manage multiple social networks. We offer Positioning Systems (SEO) for better indexing on web browsers, copywriting, tech support for troubleshooting, hosting services and mobile app development. GRAPHICS DESIGN Strong and modern logo, along with a coordinated image are now the basic elements for our clients to make a statement in a continuously evolving market/economy. VIBES ART DEVELOPS GRAPHICS FOR ANY TYPE OF PRINT, WEB, EDITORIAL AND NEW MEDIA. The process is based on a careful analysis of the target audience and market that the client chooses for his business. Logos, Web and App Layout, Illustrations, Photo Alteration, graphics for online pamphlets, business cards, large format prints, packaging, banners, flags, stands and fair materials, brochures, books and comics, merchandise graphics, gadgets and stickers, t-shirts and hoodies. PHOTOGRAPHY DURING A TIME WHEN PHOTOGRAPHY IS WIDELY PRACTICED BY THE PUBLIC, IT’S IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THE ARTISTIC VALUE BEHIND EVERY SINGLE SHOT. In order to satisfy all our clients’ requests, we provide a variety of photography services. Conference and event reporting, music concerts, live art exibits, fashion photography, weddings, backstage, photobooks for catalogs, indoors photography and still life. VIDEO Videos are the most complete and direct product to advertise a brand or and artist. OUR COMPANY ENABLES CLIENTS TO REALIZE ANY KIND OF VIDEO THAT WILL ENHANCE ALL THE ELEMENTS OF HIS/HER BUSINESS OR TALENT. Our team and its collaborators are able to tackle all the necessary production steps/stages: brainstorming with our client for a more specific target analysis, development and realization of an idea. All of this os done with professional grade instruments. Audiovisual products are: spots, videoclips, short films, after video multimedia presentations, animations (special effects and 3D rendering possible), filming, editing and vfx. BRAND IDENTITY The affirmation of a strong identity can ease the position in the market and make the difference when competing against other clients. With our brand image services we aim to convey your values, philosophy and personal image to your clients. We ensure the highest quality by inspecting, analyzing and taking care of all aspects big and small to make sure you have a winning product for the public. AN IDEA CANNOT BE A WINNING IDEA UNLESS IT BECOMES REAL AND IT CAN BE COMMUNICATED Project presentation, naming research, logo creation, fair and expo image coordination, advertising campaigns, photo sets, promotional video creation
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