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1, College Yard, 56 Winchester Ave, London, NW6 7UA Categories: Accountant Tax Accountant, Consulting Specialities Miscellaneous, SERVICES PRIVATE AND B2B Italian accounting firm in Brent Italian accounting firm in London

Antonio Venditto is the director of Italy Summit, accounting firm with over 10 years of experience.

Vertice Italy can help you manage your accounts and to maximize profits through practical and strategic advices or to give you the information needed to make your business take off, both for a well established company or in case you’re entering in the world of business.

All that can be useful for those who want to start a work activity in London.

The main services are:

  • tax , commercial and accounting consultancy
  • Advice on the choice of the legal structure of their company (Ltd, Plc, LLP, Sole Trader etc.)
  • Support for opening a bank account (business bank account)

Constitution of English law society

Establishment of a Limited Company in 24 hours: production costituitivo act, certificate of incorporation, share certificates and business profile, assistance in the opening of corporate bank account.
Registered office in the United Kingdom and management correspondence received

Our main services:

  • Preparation and sending of corporate financial statements
  • Preparation and shipment Tax Return
  • Employees and payroll management
  • VAT returns
  • Tax Consulting
  • Registration of the Trademark
  • Business plan
  • Company secretarial services
  • Revisions and accounting certifications

We are specialists in the management and resolution of all types of investigations on the part of HMRC.

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