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Truffle stories is a place where you can find out all about truffles, how they grow, how they are found, the hunters and dogs who find them, how to cook them and the rich Piedmontese traditions which surround these mysterious tubers.

We are Piedmontese and we love our land and traditions. White truffles are one of the most gastronomically unique and rare products of Piedmont.

We want to take you through a journey of discovery of this rare and mysterious tuber and the stories and legends which surround it.

Learn about White Truffles (tuber magnatum pico), how they grow, how to choose and preserve them as well as how to eat them. Read the stories of our trifulau and their dogs and immerse yourself in a journey into Piedmontese cultural and culinary traditions. If you want to taste a truffle, come to one of our supper clubs or call us to discuss purchasing a white truffle.

Better still, come and have a Truffle Hunting Experience in Italy.

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