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The coffee and the Maresca family, a superb quality union. From an age-long experience, an art handed on from Father to Son.

The story started in the early twentieth century with the Gargiulo´s ladies proving their courage and embarking on the first vessels sailing towards new lands to load their cargoes. From their bravery, Giuseppe Maresca´s coffee production enterprise was born. The art of coffee roasting, the secret read in every coffee bean. Coffee as a life companion; always there year after year, anytime during the day. Short daily breaks as “big” as a coffee bean, but powerful as an “Indiano Plantation”, tasteful as the “Guatemala de Altura”, truthful as the strong “Arabica”.

All Marescafe’ blends are produced in partnership with Resibras srl, following the ancient secret recipes of the Maresca family. Resibras srl, based in Naples, southern Italy, is a leader coffee manufacturer that imports the best qualities of raw coffee from all over the world.


 @ home (ground coffee for moka coffee machine)

  • Cremabar:

The Cremabar blend is identified as the classical Neapolitan cup, a perfect combination of taste and full body. The extreme roasting and masterly dosage of qualities, classical synthesis of Neapolitan tradition.

Net Weight 250g – Ground Coffee

  • Mokabar:

A good blend with a strong and intense aroma

Net Weight 250g – Ground Coffee

  • Espressobar:

A coffee blend composed by a selection of the best Arabica and Robusta coffee.

The perfect balance of this mixture in the cup guarantees a good coffee as at the cafè.

Net Weight 250g – Ground Coffee

– Away from home (coffee beans)

  • Arabica Quality: 100% quality special Arabica.

Marescafe´ has wisely selected the best coffees and has roasted them with traditional methods to offer the pleasure of a unique and intense blend. Targeted to people addicted to high quality coffee.

Net Weight 1000g – Coffee Beans

  • Cremabar:

The harmonious aroma creating this blend is the result of a life time experience and continuous research to offer you the pleasure of a pure italian Coffee.

Net Weight 1000g – Coffee Beans

All Marescafe’ products can be branded for third parties.

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