The Italian Supermarket

6A Kings Cliffe Industrial Estate, Kings Cliffe Road, Peterborough, PE8 6PB Categories: FOOD, Delicatessen Food, Food Online Shop Italian delicatessen in Peterborough Italian delicatessen in the United Kingdom

We are the UK’s largest online Italian deli and we not only make our own bakery goods like Pizza dough, Pasta dough and Cannoli but we also but all the major Italian brands like Barilla, De Cecco, Pezzullo, Granoro, Mulino Bianco and many many more.

We were fed up by the lack of Italian products available in the UK and if we found what we wanted, the price was too high! We have changed all that!

Delivery is just £5 next day or FREE on orders over £100.

We are too big to be called a Italian Deli, that’s why we are The Italian Supermarket.

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3 Comments on The Italian Supermarket

thomas tobias
Report Subscribe 10/03/2017 10:42

I have never dealt with such a terrible company! Wrong stuff delivered, rude staff,costant lying about everything! It's so bad it has to deliberate! Please, have nothing to do with these nasty people!

P Stap
Report Subscribe 13/02/2017 16:32

They WERE a great online supermarket which delicious Italian products. However, they took the money for our last order and we never received the products. I tried contacting them but their phone has been disconnected and now their website has disappeared. A courtesy email would have been good to let us know of their difficulties.

C Lee
Report Subscribe 01/02/2017 17:33

2 orders (one cancelled and never refunded then they, sort of delivered) both delivered short - no refunds forthcoming just a barrage of abuse and 'we do not need you as a customer - LIARS CHEATS AND CHARLATANS - AVOID