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Business Technologies and Serteced have been operating since 1985 for fusion of realities since 1977 in the field of assistance, management and resolution of industrial design, workplace hygiene and pollution control issues. The corporate system is certified as best specified in the Certifications and Accreditation Section.

They are equipped with a qualified laboratory conforming to the ISO 17025 standard for chemical, microbiological, physical and electrical analyzes for air, water, waste, food and products and noise measurements, electromagnetic and electrical fields with more than 300 parameters accredited by SINAL ( National Laboratory Accreditation System).
It is part of a group of companies in the industry, in some cases also through corporate sharing, distributed throughout the country and has ongoing collaboration and ongoing updating with other organizations and laboratories located in different Italian regions. It operates mainly in northern Italy , But there are also significant productive interventions in the center, in the south and abroad. Business Technologies and Serteced through its staff of more than 150 employees, has been in the field of Verification of the Models and Management Systems for Enterprises and Public Administrations in the Field of Security, Environment, Quality, Ethics Social and Food Hygiene.
In order to optimize modern production processes and to respond to safety issues, health and environmental hygiene employs highly qualified personnel with a different level of specialization: engineers, doctors, industrial chemists, physicians and biologists, specialized in Various scientific disciplines. It uses sophisticated technologies, innovative research systems and software in its various fields of intervention. It has its own state of the art chemical and physical analysis lab.
Organization and planning of training and training courses.
Technical and Management (Regional Accreditation) regarding:
Safety and Accident Safety, Environment and Quality
  • RSPP and ASPP accredited
  • First Aid and Fire Prevention
  • Quality, management and business organisation systems
  • Environmental aspects
  • Food Hygiene and HACCP controls
  • Electrical hazard (PES and PAV)
  • Roles and Responsibilities: Employers, Executives, Employees and Employees
  • Security Culture
  • Communication
  • Training Formators
  • EHS Auditor of Q
  • Distance learning (FAD) e-learning
  • Educational brochure for training / information brochures (Carrelli Guide, Roles and Responsibilities, Noise, …)

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