Signor Sassi Restaurant

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Signor Sassi opened in 1984 and has since become one of the most famous Italian restaurants in London. Over the years it became famous for its original simple Italian food and the atmosphere that is talked about around the world. Our guests come to Signor Sassi from all over the world, from royalty, politicians and business leaders to sports stars, actors and music legends. It is the jewel in the crown of Italian restaurants.

Signor Sassi was acquired by Carlo Di Stefano in 2007. His decision to buy the restaurant was not purely a business decision but from a love for a restaurant he had been dining at for over 20 years. It now joins the successful group of San Carlo restaurants placed throughout the UK.

In 2008 a gentleman from Kuwait ate in the restaurant and fell in love with the food and ambience. He asked Carlo if he would be interested in franchising Signor Sassi in the Middle East. After that lunch the wheels were set in motion and on 9th September 2009 Signor Sassi opened in Kuwait City.

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1 Comment on Signor Sassi Restaurant

Report Subscribe 02/02/2015 12:09

We went to Signor Sassi on a Sunday lunch in January 2015. It was a special lunch as it was my dad s 70th bday and it was an occasion to have a meal with him, my girlfriend and my gfriend's parents, who use to be regular at Signor Sassi many years ago. The quality of the food is amazing, although the menu is too big for a restaurant of this level and i prefer restaurants with a smaller menu choice, which is usually sign of fresh food. All seafood plates as well as truffle plates are delicious. Pity about part of the service. The managers are not welcoming or friendly at all and although the waiters are trying their best to be nice and polite, this restaurant lacks something. The sommelier was pushing us to finish the wine so we could ask for a new bottle and as soon as he noticed that the glass was half empty he was pouring some more wine, and i didn't find this professional at all. Many italian restaurants in London at the end of the meal they offer you amaro or limoncello, this restaurant doesn't. As they did not offer us anything, we asked what could they offer us, because any italian restaurant of good level always offers something to their customers, expecially considering the birthday occasion. It was my dad' s 70th and the manager told us, with the worst attitude, that all he could offer us was an espresso, which we refused of course. While we were leaving, he probably realized how bad and not professional he sounded not to offer us anything, so he came over to say happy bday to my dad and to offer us a small glass of limoncello each. But it was too late because my dad was already disappointed for the way we were treated. We spent over 350£ and they didn' t offer us anything and refused to offer us something even after we asked for it. Unbelievable. Overall the food is really good, but for the price we paid, and the way we were treated the service is really poor. A real pity.