Scuola Italiana Bristol

BADMINTON SCHOOL, Westbury Rd, Bristol, BS9 3BA Categories: Cultural Associations, Language Classes, EDUCATION AND CULTURE, Italian Teacher, School Cultural Association in Bristol Cultural Association in the United Kingdom

The Italian Cultural Centre of Bristol was founded in January 2012 by Mariapia Tropepe and Cristina Orlando, Bristolian by adoption but strongly enthusiastic about their Italian roots.

“A contemporary way to present the italian culture and identity in all the areas that have distinguished our tradition from past to present”

We are also your Gateway to Italy, a real opportunity to reveal today’s Italy; its brilliance and its excellence anchored in the present and driven by an unparalleled past; the Cultural Centre will present an Italy of innovation moving forward, engaged in projects and looking ahead: art, music, stage, landscaping and architectural heritage, cinema, literature, the sciences, design, fashion, food culture.

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