Roberto Di Gioacchino

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I am a London tour guide in Italian and English, registered at the Istituto di British Guide since 2002, with 30 years of tourist experience in Italy and the UK. I am 50 years old but thanks to this wonderful city, my curiosity and my desire for life do not fade and indeed evolve with the city itself.

I do both group and individual tours, meeting the maximum needs that the customer requires. I offer architectonic, literary, musical, historical tours that reflect the uniqueness of this metropolis. I propose day and night walks by bus or on foot telling about the history and art of this city – even with anecdotes and events in the past that still fascinate the modern world.

I’ve always met people with great desire for knowledge and at the end of the tour I always realize that the exchange was reciprocal. I offer them my knowledge and they offer me their respect and desire to find out.

From my photographs I can see some of my laps but what’s more is the energy and commitment I offer to my clients. London is not a simple city because it is not superficial and as Samuel Johnson (one of the most illustrious literate men in English history, 1709-1784) said: “When a man is tired of London is tired of life, It is all that this life can offer “

With me you will experience London in fun with the guarantee that only Blue Badge guides can offer! Experience, professionalism and knowledge at the fullest of British insurance.

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