Roberta Carugati | Psicologa psicoterapeuta

United Kingdom Categories: Psychologist, HEALTH AND WELLNESS Italian psychologist in England Italian psychologist in the UK
I provide a warm, safe, supportive, non-judgemental space, which allows clients to feel listened to and to challenge established ways of thinking and being. I use REBT and CBT to help clients to become aware of their beliefs, attitude, unhealthy behaviours (e.g. procrastination, sleep disturbance) because she truly believes that negative emotions and dysfunctional behaviours are predominantly generated by dysfunctional beliefs and cognitive distortions. I provide a variety of methods and techniques to help clients reformulate their maladaptive beliefs into more flexible and helpful ones. Consequently, changing cognitive distortions and using healthier and alternative ways of thinking which can lead to an emotional improvement. I always follow a person-centred approach, in which I values client’s strengths and trusts their ability/innate tendency to fulfil their personal potentials.
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