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Terra Vergine is an Italian restaurant specializing in Abruzzese food.
Abruzzo is a region situated at the center of the Italian peninsula facing the Adriatic. Bordered on the east by the Adriatic and on the west by the Apennines, it is one of the most mountainous regions in Italy. It is home to Abruzzo national park, where rare examples of Mediterranean flora and fauna survive.
The purpose of the restaurant is to share our origins with the UK, characterized by a perfect mix between naturalness, pureness and a sense of liberty.
Terra Vergine is the representation of all these sensations that combined with the quality of our food, creates a dream environment characterized by a union, without doubt, an idyllic taste and pleasure.
The name of the restaurant is inspired by the famous Abruzzese writer Gabriele D’annunzio who loved to describe.

Abruzzo as a region that is not “polluted”, where the beauty of the landscapes and the spirit “strong and gentile” of the inhabitants make it a Terra Virgine (virgin land), pure and to be discovered. He described Abruzzo as a man of “noble” spirit, but at the same time natural with a simple touch and friendly environment. D’annunzio in his writings described his own personal achievements with his own harvest and livestock. In other words he wanted to emphasise the love and care that residents of Abruzzo put into the making of their food, making them as natural as their way of being.
This is what makes “Terra Vergine” what it is:

  • A place revealing the spiritual essence of “noble, strong and gentle”;
  • Vigorous attention to the choices of food and products;
  • Friendly environment, pure and natural.
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Igor was our server and really took great care of us. The prices were equal to that of a 4 star Italian restaurant in New York. My husbank had the Spaghetti and Clams and I had the Lobster and Sea Bass Ravioli. Simply delicious!!!! That's Italian. Check it out.