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49 Alpha Road, E4 6TD, London Categories: Consulting Specialities Miscellaneous, Interpreter Translator, SERVICES PRIVATE AND B2B Food Quality Control in Waltham Forest Food Quality Control in London

Interpreting, research about food, quality control of food products and counselling. Doc. Riddington conferred a degree on Modern languages (Italian, English, German and Spanish) in Milan and a specialization on Communication Sciences for conferences and interpreting.

Later on she acquired a degree on Biology /Food Sciences in Cambridge.

She was involved in several projects at University and IRRE Lombardia e Piemonte: CLIL Project (content language integrated learning), Arion project, FSE project.

She started doing research in Food field and Sciences (Cancers, Leukemia, etc)at Cambridge University .After that she came back to Italy where she won seven competitons in order to become a university teacher at Uninsubria Varese/Como, Unimilan and Uniavogadro Novara, Turin, Vercelli. Ecc.

In addition, she was an interpreter for several conferences carried out by university and business field.

She worked as an Interpreter for Cycling Championship in Varese 2008 and Mendrisio 2009 and for other sport competition (volleybal, football,…)

She has been the president of Ecso Onlus since last year. ECSO is a medical and food sciences organization that will be present at EXPO 2015.

She has also been a journalist since 2014. She has been writing down articles as a freelance.

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