RICOL Interpreters Cooperative of London

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RICOL is the first cooperative for language services in the UK.

Ricol Coop was founded in London in 2012 with the support of the UK cooperative movement. All of the members are highly qualified translators and interpreters and language teachers with many years’ experience working for ever larger and diverse number of clients.

Ricol prides itself in providing language professionals, communicators whose expertise goes beyond linguistic eloquence to extend to the subject areas.

Ricol’s aim is to offer a high quality service delivered exclusively by professionals holding nationally and internationally recognised qualifications.

We do need expensive office space, and reducing overheads enables us to offer the client the advantageous prices

Our services include:

  • Interpreting: consecutive, simultaneous for conferences, business events and meetings, international conferences,
  • Interpreting over the telephone and via Skype/video link
  • Translation, proofreading and transcription from audio
  • English language teaching, foreign language and cultural awareness courses for any organisation: one to one or groups; intensive or long-term, in-company courses which can be tailored on demand for specific requirements.

We can help you win new  business and establish stronger business relationship with prospective overseas clients through the power of language used in its correct cultural context.

Whether you need to give an excellent presentation about your business, to provide promotional materials and products that are accurately translated, so that your message is faithfully conveyed, or to expand overseas in markets with unfamiliar languages and cultures, we can offer you the language tools to empower your business!

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