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35-37 Ludgate Hill, Office 7, London, EC4M 7JN Categories: Business e Management, Consulting Specialities Miscellaneous, Miscellaneous Financial Services, SERVICES PRIVATE AND B2B Management & commercial consulting in City of London Management and commercial consulting in London

PMG & Partners Ltd is a Management and Business Consulting Company which combines commercial and industrial development projects with local development programs in a vision of global growth. The network of our partners covers about 40 countries worldwide.

The Company provides a wide team of experts and professionals with the experience of working in interdisciplinary teams in order to offer global consultancy with particular attention to internationalization of enterprises, business developing strategies, problem solving, business scouting.

PMG & Partners Ltd has also set up two further appropriate divisions:


We provide a skilled and long-lasting experienced team of professionals to negotiate the best terms & conditions in order to close successfully any deal. The Company, in collaboration with primary Banks, arranges all necessary operations for a successful closing in order to guarantee the privacy, the payments and the regular transfer of the title-deed from the Seller to the Buyer.

PMG & Partners Ltd is proudly member of AIPP (Association of International Property Professionals – and adheres to a professional Code of Conduct under the International Ethics Standards (, therefore, our procedures are strict and rigorous. We are confident these are really appreciated by all Parties and put the Actors of the negotiation in a very reliable position.

We assist you in all steps of your business (luxury goods, artworks, old and patrician palaces, ancient manors, exclusive hotels, resorts, ….)!


If you are interested in investing in Italy or finding the right Italian Partner we are able to provide a long list of real estate investment opportunities (old and patrician palaces, ancient manors, exclusive hotels, resorts,…) as well as we can find the right Italian partner to develop business in Italy and assist you in carrying out mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, industrial & commercial agreements, contracts, shows and events, marketing campaigns.

For further information, please, visit our website.

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