Pietro Pratico

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I’m Pietro, I’m Italian and passionate for teaching. I am a singer and songwriter as well. I was classically trained in Italy for a short period of time and later moved to London. In 2010, I graduated in Popular Music Performance and Vocals (Merit) from one of the best European Music Schools: Tech Music School London.

By studying with different teachers and with a diverse variety of methods, I was introduced to the “MIX” technique. I initially thought it could be a good idea to try and get to know more about it. I made the best choice! This radically changed my view on singing and motivated me to study this type of vocal approach.
I have been receiving high standard training with some amazing coaches of the Mix.

As a vocal tutor, I firmly believe technique must be a mean for the singer to be able to use their voice in a natural manner and without any constrictions. Specific exercises will lead you to reach your goals naturally, by avoiding any external manipulation. Also, by learning the technique you will be able to focus on the importance of emotional release and freedom during a performance.

As I was immensely inspired by this vocal approach, I’d definitely love to inspire you as well!


  • I am a cool guy and I love working with different people and voices!
  • Learn to sing smoothly throughout you range with ONE voice.
  • Get rid of vocal tension
  • Extend your range
  • Gain vocal strength
  • Improve your tone quality

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3 Comments on Pietro Pratico

Report Subscribe 18/02/2020 16:43

Vocal coach cme pochi! Pietro è un insegnante caratterizzato da una personalità davvero speciale, riesce a farti sentire a tuo agio anche dietro una telecamera ? Sto acquisendo nuove sicurezze e consapevolezze da quando faccio lezione con lui! Good job coach!

Report Subscribe 01/07/2016 09:20

Dio distribuisce talenti a tutti quanti e se dovessi dire quale dono Dio ha dato a Pietro sicuramente è quello di saper fare sbocciare i talenti degli altri... ho solo fatto una lezione con lui ma è stata davvero bella e produttiva! Marameo alle mie note di passaggio!!! ;)

Report Subscribe 27/06/2016 10:30

Il maestro di canto più simpatico e comunicativo che ci sia. Oltre alla professionalità palese, il cuore nobile lo qualifica più di ogni altra cosa. Eccellente!!