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Omnide is an international and collaborative company formed to answer the rising demand of high end quality design via an efficient and organised approach to the project through the design and planning of the environment surrounding human life.
The quality in approaching every project is driven by the combined and diverse experience of its five members that through shared facility work together to develop each project.

• What

Omnide is “All about Design” (Omnia+Design).

Design includes architecture, interiors, furniture, product design : wherever there is a project to be enhanced Omnide will design it.

Omnide enhances design amongst its partners using a contemporary, friendly environment approach- open, constructive and multidisciplinary collaboration that can enable successful delivery of the project to get it built.

• Where

Omnide is currently located in four nations where it enhance the collaboration with the local partner:

Amsterdam in Holland
London in Great Britain
Mumbai in India
Nairobi in Kenya
Rome in Italy
Each partner is currently working locally in their office and covering in total 5 time zone with the potential to work 24/7.
All of them have developed their international experience working for reputed practices in London: they then have decided to combine this knowledge and their project sensibility sharing it through a network of facilities to establish a world-wide company Omnide.

• How

The collaborative network aims to develop ideas through critique and reviews by its partners in an attempt to improve and enhance Design using an evolutionary process so that only the most innovative and feasible ideas are considered and delivered.

Design must always strive to be beautiful, innovative and yet pragmatic: this is reflected in the process where design and the architect sensibility is used as base for any human organisation of space. Through the evolution of ideas that take in consideration historical layers that exist on the site and new layer that will be added to the site during construction we aim to deliver what will be the best design.

The designer’s sensibility and the selective process in place give the client a better understanding of the final product along all the process: the client is always part of the process with a clear idea of what will be the final product. this allow him to controll cost and construction quality.

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