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At Natural Look Dogs (formerly Taras pet grooming), we offer dog grooming and dog day care services in our salon in Winchmore Hill, North London. Our philosophy is to bring out the best in our dogs through improving their natural environment. We will not muzzle or chain your dog; our philosophy is to work in a relaxing and calm environment for you and your favourite pet. Our motto is healthy dog, happy dog. With Natural Look Dogs, your dog will lose his fear of the groomer and return to you happier and healthier than ever before!

Dog grooming

Cristina will look at your dog as an individual and groom him according to his natural features. Each dog is different and a one size fits all approach doesn’t work. We do not offer designer cuts here, each dog has his own anatomy and needs a slightly different cut. We use only natural products with the aim of returning your dog to you healthier and happier than ever before. Dog grooming prices are tailored to the size of your dog and the condition of his coat. For more details of dog grooming and our services, click here.

Dog teeth cleaning without anaesthetic

As a part of our dog grooming service, we offer dog teeth cleaning without anaesthetic. Dog teeth cleaning is an important part of your dog care routine, as it is for all the family. However, until now dog teeth cleaning means a trip to the vet and sedation of your dog with all the risks and high costs this incurs. Now with new ultrasound technology, dog teeth cleaning can be done in our grooming salon without anaesthetic. Your dog will be happier and healthier and your wallett too!

Dog day care

You wouldn’t leave your child at home alone, so why should the dog get this treatment? Your dog is a social animal. He needs to be in a pack, playing and meeting other animals. Only through socialisation can he be a happy and balanced individual. Socialisation will make him a better dog, behaving better in the family and meaning you and your dog have a long-lasting and fantastic relationship. We offer day care services from 30 minutes to a full day. Take out a dog day care subscription service for huge savings, and an even better experience.

Dog training

Your dog is a potentially wonderful addition to the family. But as with all of us, he needs to follow a few basic rules to be a rewarding pet. Often, no help is available for new dog owners, and dogs may not learn how to behave, with undesirable consequences. With our dog day care service, Cristina will train your pet to behave correctly at home. Dog training sessions are best started as soon as your puppy is vaccinated, but older dogs can have some training too. Teach your dog road safety, behaviour when out walking and how to socialise and you will get the best from your new friend.

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