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Founded by Italians husband and wife Michele and Cinzia Moretti in 2006, Moretti Interior Design is a London-based interior design and architecture practice offering luxury residential interior designs to clients in London, all over the UK, Italy and beyond.

At Moretti Interior Design we believe that interiors and architecture should work naturally around the client and not vice versa.

We recognize that each project is an individual expression of our client’s unique personality. Understanding your values and artistic preferences is essential for us to create personalized interior designs that are comfortable, eco-friendly and reflect our modern lifestyles – the key to a better way of living in the future.

We believe that beauty, elegance, practicality and details, combined with the history, art and architecture of our Italian roots, are the ingredients to perfect design. We take much of our inspiration from our culture. Italy has produced some of the greatest furniture designers in the world, along with fashion design. We have always admired the wall-paintings and floor mosaics developed during the Roman period and which decorated the grand town and country houses in Italy. It is the Roman’s artistic genius, expressed most fully in their architecture, which displays their extraordinary gifts for organization and planning.

Sustainable design and renewable materials are central to our ideology. Nowadays we are keen to buy biological food and clothes, so it makes sense that we should also stop and think about the kind of products we introduce into our homes. Cinzia Moretti is an expert in eco design and has developed bio-design, a new method of interior design which follows the principles of Biomimicry, where design and nature work in harmony together.

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