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translation and interpreting services into 180 languages – Official certified translators MMW Europe can translate any commercial, legal, economic, journalistic, medical, pharmaceutical, scientific, technical, engineering or environmental material into 180 languages thanks to our team of native-speaking professional translators qualified in the reference field. We also provide urgent translation services on Sundays and Bank Holidays and outside standard office hours. MMW Europe is part of the Italian leading brand MMW TRADUZIONI, with offices also in Rome. Technical translations We are specialised in the translation of all types of technical and scientific texts, from manuals to information technology, electronics to medicine, architecture to law, from contracts to business marketing… and much, much more! Sworn Official and Certified translations Sworn Official and certified translations are carried out for any type of certificate or document that needs to be declared under oath, by a translator at the presence of a Notary Public. MMW Europe also sees to the authentication and legalisation of official certified documents to be used in foreign countries, at the London Legalisation Office. Foreign Document Authentication (Legalisation) Authentication has the nature of an act of certification; it certifies the authentication of the signature on a document and qualification of the person signing such and does not certify the validity of the document itself or that of the deed contained in the document. Signatures on deeds and documents written overseas by foreign authorities that are to be used in Italy or in any other country, are authenticated by diplomatic delegations or consulates; signatures affixed by consular and diplomatic delegations or by officials responsible for such are not subject to further authentication. Certified Translations Our staff of professional translators are able to translate any kind of text, and adapt it to fit any style, in 180 languages, providing a certification of the translation on Company paper, signed and stamped by the translators who declare that they have carried out the translation, at the best of their professional knowledge and belief, as a true and faithful rendering of the original document. Free Translations We are able to translate any kind of text, and adapt it to fit any style, in 180 languages. Our Team will interact with you through any mean of communication, besides Internet and e-mail, to maintain the highest level of quality in our service. Web Site Translation Our team of professional translators is specialized in the translation and localization of web sites, working directly in the HTML source format and using any type of editor. We can also translate any content files and graphics files in any format, from vector to raster. Translation and Localisation of Multimedia Products and presentations MMW Europe is the ideal partner for the localisation and translation of your company presentations, leaflets, multimedia and video products. In addition to the translation and layout of written text into digital form, we also do vocalisation, thanks to our collaboration with professional Speakers in the field.
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  • Professional and technical translations into 180 languages
  • Certified and legal translations
  • Legalisations and Apostille
  • Language consulting
  • Interpreting service
  • Certified and Sworn transcription services
  • Official Translators

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